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Marriage Should Be the RIGHT Step Not the NEXT Step

~ Marriage should be the right step not the next step.

Think about this statement and let it sink in. This hit me recently and I'd like to share my thoughts on it.

So it appears that when it comes to marriage, a lot of people, I dare say women especially (because they seem to be under more pressure), get to a point in their lives when they feel ok, they've done a few things and settling down and getting married should be the next thing on the list. In fact, you know what, men get like that too! They accomplish certain things, reach certain goals and decide ok, now it's time for a wife.

But is that really how marriage should be approached? Should marriage be based on a self-imposed or society-imposed schedule or should it be based on something else like...purpose? Should it be the next step just 'cause the time feels right or should it be the right step because of a higher purpose?

I was sharing one of my musings on my radio show recently and I talked about my new foun…

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