The Love Chest Tweets

When I’m not here, you can find me on Twitter @AderonkeHiica J Below are some things I’ve said on Twitter lately. Enjoy! #TheLoveChest
·         Sometimes a person is not all they seem to be and sometimes they are but it’s just not meant to be.
·         You are someone’s dream.
·         Don’t be desperate for anything…even love.
·         Stop trying to figure people out to the point where you lose your essence. The right person will love you just as you are.
·         Stop trying to figure out what you think he/she would like. Be you. He/she will (should) love you for that.
·         Don’t hold on to things that you really want to let go off. They’ll hold you down.
·         Love is what you make it.
·         Love works. *
·          Love is.
·         Love well.
·         If you love someone, SAY IT!!! What have you got to lose??
·         Live and let love find you.
·         What’s on the inside will (eventually) be seen on the outside.
·         Don’t be moved by appearances. Look for substance.
·         Ladies, let the man be the man.
·         You either connect with someone or you don’t.  Don’t fight it or force it.
·         Don’t assume. Communicate.
·         If you’re not comfortable being yourself with him/her, get comfortable or run!
·         Some people are a lesson.
·         If he makes you feel unworthy, run!
·         When it comes to love, don’t start what you can’t/don’t want to finish, no matter how tempting.
·         Be with someone who makes you want to be better.
·         Be with someone who motivates, challenges, encourages, and supports you. Someone who challenges the status quo and mediocrity.
·         You can’t take care of someone if you don’t take care of yourself.
·         Be someone’s joy not their heartache.
·         Spread love. Show love. Tell love. Give love. Do love. Believe love.
·         Love can be learned.
·         Teach love through forgiveness, thoughtfulness, kindness, gentleness, and patience.
·         Don’t play with love. Don’t start what you don’t want to/can’t finish.
·         Don’t lie to your heart.
·         Love yourself and love will find you.
·         Ask God for permission before you fall in love. You’ll be glad you did.
·         Love is beautiful and it creates beauty.
·         Love shines.
·         Love freely.
·         Focus on the love you have not the love you want.
·         Love, don’t lust.
·         Ladies, if a guy CLEARLY isn’t interested in you, heed the signs, breathe, and move on! He don’t know what he missing!
·         For every one thing you don’t like about a person, look for two things you like.
·         Allow love.
·         When you love, you learn.
·         What’s your vision for your marriage?

*It works and it does the work.


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