Was It Love at First Sight?

I was having a conversation with someone recently along the lines of how some guys say when they saw their wife-to-be, they KNEW she was “The One” and I remember saying, “Hmm, I wonder if my guy will see me and say that about me.” I don’t know what it’s called though. Is it love at first sight? Can it be described as what happened to Adam in the Bible when he saw Eve and said “This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.”? Or is just a coincidence that he thought/said it and it happened? Clearly, we’ve all met people who we were instantly attracted to (Side Note: They say it takes four seconds to decide if you’re attracted to someone. I say it’s more like two. Lol. ) and with who we thought, even if for a second, that a relationship might be great based solely on their looks – yes, shallow, but I’m sure it’s happened to you too :p Then after having a conversation with them and realizing that their looks match their personality, your hopes are raised even more cos when that isn’t the case, their “fineness” goes out the window! Lol.
But what is it about meeting someone for the first time and thinking “This. Is. It”??? How does that work? What is it based on? Surely, it can’t be based on just looks but since you haven’t had a chat with the person yet, how do you decide the person is “The One”? I just thought of a theory on how this might work. I’ll use the guys as an example because they are usually the ones who say “When I saw my wife, I knew she was my wife.” My theory for SOME not all guys is that maybe when they met her, they were at THAT point in their life where they had decided it was time to settle down. You know they say that when a guy wakes up and decides it’s time to get married (and he usually isn’t dating anyone at the time), he usually marries the next correct girl that comes along. I also hear that for guys, it’s not usually about the mushy, soul mate stuff that women focus on when picking their spouse. I hear guys just ask questions like “Am I financially ready?”, “Is she a good girl?”, “Can she cook?”, etc. and if the majority of the boxes are checked, they marry her (This isn't to say women don't ask questions either but the point is, from what I've heard, it not as emotional a process for guys as it is for women). So, when a guy is at THAT point in his life, he makes the next available, or even unavailable at the time, correct girl “The One” in his mind and goes after her. Hehe. Do you guys agree with this theory?
The other theory is that it’s just a JE NE SAIS QUOI thing where they lock eyes and instantly he just knows deep down in his spirit because he gets an indescribable feeling about her.
Well, whichever theory is right, I really like the idea that someone would see me and say, maybe not directly to me as I’ve heard some guys have done  but to his friends, something like “I’m going to marry that girl” or “That’s my wife, she just doesn’t know it yet.” Hehehehe!
Although, lemme just say as they say, “talk is cheap”, so even if he says it, he’s gonna have to do the work to prove that he really feels that way cos some guys think it’s enough to just say it. The guy who thinks that would be on a long thing!
What do y’all think? If you’re married and you saw your wife and knew she was “The One”, how did you know? What do you think about my theories? :D

P.S. I know some of you are wondering what happened to the giveaway! I haven’t forgotten :) I got your entries and will announce the winner soon.


  1. I see someone inspired a post. Cool. Well, you know my thoughts on this one.

    1. I'd say someone reminded me about it. I've been thinking about this for a long time :) I actually don't know what your thoughts are. Lol. I know you asked the question but I don't think/remember that you said what your thoughts are. Please share :)

  2. When Adam saw Eve, there was no other woman around. There was no competition. So, he had no choice. That is hardly love at first sight.

    Men come across many women that they think "She is the one”. Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that you are the first, only or last woman that a man may feel that way about. There are far too many wonderful women in this world.

    A blog like this is not a good way to find a husband. It is just too kooky. If it is good in theory and bad in practice, then it is bad in theory.

    1. Hahahahahahaha! Who said anything about this blog being about finding a husband??? In case you missed it (in the header of the blog), I talk about my thoughts, conversations, and observations about love and I like to start dialogues so most times, as I did in this post, I ask what readers think. Two things: If you're going to say something like that, don't be anonymous about it - let me know your name and two, get the facts straight about what it is I do here. Thanks for coming by and for your thoughts on Adam and Eve :) I suggest you read other posts so you KNOW what this blog is about!

    2. you are indeed very funny, who says somebody is looking for a husband from this article? From all indication the writer of this blog is above such, she does not look cheap, and mind you she must have lots of admirer. So keep your negative thoughts to yourself and read properly next time before you comment. Thank you.

  3. @Anonymous: 'too kooky'? LOL

    When I met my husband, I knew deep down there was something about him....I just didn't think 'husband' cos he was with someone then.
    With time sha,everything eventually fell into place.:)

  4. Hi Aderonke!

    This post is so on point. I've always wondered about the two options. As much as people don't believe in soul mates perhaps there is some element of truth in that phenomena. The fact that a particular someone crosses another's path when they decide to settle down is an element of chance right? Or am I speaking in riddles?

    I've heard often about the "I just knew" from both parties and I wonder if it is possible to fight that feeling when you don't "just know it" with someone you'd like to "know it with" (lol) or if you're not ready to "just know it" because you want more options or whatever reason.

    I recently wrote an article on Bella Naija with a similar theme as this post and I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can find it here: http://www.bellanaija.com/2013/06/26/does-the-fire-of-teenage-love-die-with-maturity would love to know your thoughts!


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