An Open Letter to My Crush

Dear Crush,

How are you doing? This might seem a bit awkward but keep reading; I think you’ll find this interesting…

I’ve had some thought-provoking conversations with my friends lately and they have shed a lot of light on the vibes I give off and how those vibes affect the way guys perceive me. So, I thought I’d write you this letter to explain some of my behavior and let you know how I feel/felt about you.

Let’s start with the first day I saw you. I’m big on physical attraction so I definitely thought you were cute/handsome. I don’t get too carried away with that, so I decided to get to know you better (as friends/from a distance). The little I was able to find out through our interactions made me even more attracted to you. You are down to earth, funny, fun to be with, open-minded. You’re also about your work – you’re good at what you do and THAT is super attractive.

Here’s the thing though, I’m not sure if you liked me too but even if you did, I didn’t give you a chance to show me, right? Well, that’s because I’m not very good at giving the “green light”. I’m the kind of girl that will do everything (consciously and unconsciously) to make you think I’m not interested like that when in fact I am! I guess cos in some ways I’m shy and scared of what could come out of it. I most likely friend-zoned you, hardly initiated any interaction- and if I did, I made it look like it was a “just friends” conversation. Yup, I gave you all the signs that I wasn’t interested but man, I WAS!*sigh* I guess part of the reason I do that is because I am a super traditional kind of girl. I believe that if a guy really likes me, whether or not I give him the “green light”, he would/should “chase”. I’ve since been told by my well-meaning male friends that I must change my ways! Lol! They say it’s because guys need some help and they need to be given the “clear”. One friend even gave me actual tips on what to do. Lol!

Anyways, I had to write this to get it off my chest and let you know that I did really like you. The interesting thing is I’m over you. Yeah, I got over the crush. For a few reasons: The first reason is because I realized that even though I like a lot of things about you, we are incompatible in some areas and I’m not sure those are things that will change. I also got tired of waiting for you - you weren’t saying anything or expressing interest so I figured the feelings weren’t mutual.

Man, we would have looked good together and I think we might have really hit it off but no hard feelings at all. I’m sure we will both find true love by God’s grace. I enjoyed the crush while it lasted though. Lol. At times it was overbearing but hey, that’s how crushes are.

Best wishes to ya!

I really do love love!


P.S. This is an open letter to some of my crushes. I thought about how I feel/felt about them and combined my thoughts. I actually had to think about each of them when writing this! Hehehe


  1. There has been no other post in here since this one was put up...Hope you're okay Aderone, I pop in here once in a while to see what's up..... Hope you're in good health ? Take care.

  2. Nice article!
    Crush Crush Crush!

    Every nice and God-Fearing girl deserves to be happy! I pray that God express more of his love for you through a MAN!

    A girl with the two Bs, for me is a clincher any day. She's has the Brains and the Beauty! And I find that very attractive. I tried getting close as much as the ambience will allows and I really want to ask her out to know her better basically because I think of her SPECIAL. I don't want to think much about compatibility yet or other...

    Here's the problem: I can't ask her out now! not because I don't want to but just because of a commitment that I made to a programme before meeting her at this new place. I have two weeks and some days left to conclude the programme and I intend to ask her out.

    Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and ugh!
    God! I hope she'll still be there when I come around to it,
    I hope I have not over-stretched the window I have to ask her out?
    I hope she'll like/love me,
    I hope.

    -- The Only Way To Eliminate Prejudice Is By Making Contact--

  3. Aww now I am tempted to do the same on my blog...but I can't pour out my feelings like that. I really commend you!

  4. I'd say 'I hope your crushes read this' but if you're over them already then I guess it seems pointless. Personally I'd rather a girl who doesn't have a crush on me - at least that way I wouldn't be dropped later like a bad habit, lol. So it was you who inspired OBJ with this open letter pa-lava!


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