A Very Important Question

*knock knock* Anybody home? Lol. Talk about a hiatus y’all! Thanks for checking back as often as you do.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the very best!

I was on a relationship website recently and I came across a question that I thought was very important to ask when you're in a serious, committed relationship. Now, they say a woman can’t change a man (although some people beg to differ) and man can't change a woman (in many cases) and I believe that when you're in a relationship, it is important to accept that what you see (in terms of the person’s character, quirks, habits, etc.), is what you get (i.e. don’t expect them to change and especially don’t expect them to change for you) and anything extra (any pleasant changes for the better) is icing on the cake. Sounds pretty straight forward, right?

That said, I challenge those of you in serious relationships (you know, the kind where you actually think you can marry the person) to ask yourself the question I saw on that site: “Will I be happy in this relationship if nothing else changes?” Now read it again. And one more time. This is between you and yourself. Think about it deeply. Run through all areas of your relationship in your mind. Only you know the answer to the question. And most importantly, be honest. Be brutally honest with yourself when you answer. You owe it to yourself. And remember, don’t lie to yourself or to your heart!


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