A Message for Nigerian Single Women

Ladies, ladies, ladies, there are way too many single ladies in this town called Lagos and I've been thinking that perhaps the single ladies are in some way responsible for it. Yes, there are bad men out there – players, cheats. Yes, there are lazy, unserious, deceitful men out there. Yes, some of the men you know are not your type.BUT! there ARE some REALLY good – in fact, GREAT men out there! And it’s time all single ladies start believing that!

Way too many women don’t believe there are good men out there anymore. They think it, they believe it, and they say it – all the time! Ladies, the truth is, what you believe and say is what you will get! (Even the Bible says so). So enough is enough. When you get with your girlfriends, you must begin to stop the negativity: “There are no good men out there”, “Nigerian men are bad”, “Nigerian men are not romantic”, “All Nigerian men cheats so better believe your man will cheat”. These are some of the kinds of statements Nigerian women make and those are the kinds of them they end up with.

As one quote says, “Negative thoughts cannot give you a positive life”. If all you believe is that all that is available to you is bad men, then all you will attract is bad men, and guess what you will end up with? A bad man. It’s a no-brainer ladies. And like someone said when I put this message up on my phone, when you believe all men are bad, even when you somehow attract a good man, you will treat him badly and he'll leave.

You must believe that you are worthy of and deserve a good man. You must believe it with every fiber in your body. The truth is if you don’t believe it, the good men won’t believe it either so they won’t come to you. You will only attract what you believe you deserve because everything about you will exude what you believe about yourself. So make sure your thoughts align with what you want every day.

Enough with the negative thoughts and talk. Great men exist – in Lagos! They are out there. You must believe it too and trust that there is one out there just for you!

P.S.I don't know if this is unique to Nigerian women but I can speak only for them.


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