The Love Chest TV: A Good Man

On today's episode of The Love Chest TV, I share some questions women need to ask to figure out if that guy they're considering is in fact a GOOD MAN. Check on it, please leave a comment, and share with a friend!

If you've watched the video above, you know I said there are 10 more questions to ask so here they are:

Remember that one of the best ways to get answers is to ask questions.So, if you’re trying to figure out what/who a good man is, it would be best to ask the right questions.

  1. Does he keep his word?: Can he be trusted to do what he says he will do. A man of his word is a man of integrity and certainly a good catch so watch out for this particularly when it comes to the little things.
  2. Does he support your dreams?: Is he genuinely interested in seeing you succeed and fulfill your life's purpose? If he is, then he's certainly a good man! And how do you know he supports your dreams? By being concerned about your progress, asking questions, helping out when he can, affirming you, and speaking words of encouragement. If he does this, then he's a keeper!
  3. Is he humble?: "Pride comes before a fall" and you certainly want to walk this life's journey with a man of humility. A man who knows who he is, what he is, and what he is capable of but doesn't let it get to his head and also a man who isn't proud to ask questions and ask for help - not because he isn't capable but because he knows he doesn't know it all.
  4. Is he easily angered?: This one's easy. If he snaps at you and other very easily and at the slightest thing, I'd say run! A good man knows how to control his anger and subdue it. 
  5. Is he rude?" This is a big one. Is he rude to you by demeaning you and making you feel less than a person? Is he generally rude to elders, his friends, and even strangers? Then I'd say he's got work to do.
  6. Does he keep record of your wrong doing?: Is he constantly bringing up and reminding you of your shortcomings? Does he always bring up past issues that you thought had been resolved? If he does, then I'd say he's probably NOT a keeper
  7. Is he patient?" Is he patient with you? Does he give you time to grow and develop without pressuring you and making you feel inadequate? You'll know if he's patient by the way he makes you feel
  8. Does he hold your hand?: Hehehe. Literally and figuratively. Literally 'cause every girl loves a man who holds her hand but figuratively in the sense that he guides you, offers counsel and support, and is generally there for you
  9. Is he forgiving?: Similar to whether or not he keeps record of wrongs. If he's unforgiving and holds grudges very easily, girl, run! He's NOT a keeper
  10. Is he gentle?: Similar to being patient, do his demeanor and behavior put you at ease?

And here are a few more bonus questions!:

  • Is he your friend?
  • Do you pray together?
  • Do you work well together?
  • Does he show you how much he cares about you?

This list is by no means exhaustive but in answering the question “what does a good man look like?, I think it is a great start. Ladies, I encourage you to picture in your mind’s eye what a good man would look like to you. Get a very clear picture. Don’t be vague about it. Then start to ask the relevant questions that will yield answers as to whether a guy fits your picture. Now, I must say that nobody is perfect so he might not check off on all the questions but you will be able to decide what areas you are willing to work on with him, what areas you will compromise on, and what areas are not up for discussion.

Men, I know this may seem like it is asking a lot but when you look at these questions closely, I’m sure even you would agree that a good woman deserves a good man who displays these qualities and more!

Ladies, how do you define a good man?


  1. Germain points Aderonke! I agree a hundred and ten percent!


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