I Hope Their Marriage Lasts

What are we so afraid of y'all? How many times have you made that statement. "I hope their marriage lasts", when you see two seemingly, genuinely happy people get together (especially when the relationship and festivities are public). Think about it. In the midst of the excitement and whirlwind of emotions i.e. some single folk feeling overwhelmed all over again because someone else has managed to find love in the tough dating world, there are always a few people who either say it or think it:

- "Hmm, I hope their marriage lasts sha"
- "Hmm, in the midst of all the celebrations, I hope they are thinking about the marriage"

I'm sure you have heard or said a variation of the above statements. But guys, why do these thoughts come to mind or in some cases out of people's mouths when they witness a new love blossoming? Why have people become somewhat unsure and skeptical about love working out? Is it because of any of the following:

- Fear
- Pessimism
- Skepticism
- Sadness
- Jealousy
- Frustration
- Secret desire to see the relationship fail because the person thinking or saying it is not in a relationship of their own
- OR because they mean well and really want to see the relationship work...

And what's really interesting is that whether or not you've ever made that statement, it's important to remember that people will mostly likely say the same thing when it's your turn and you're basking in your new found love especially when you get engaged. They'll probably never say it to your face though. 

But if anything, I think knowing that they might say it should remind us to really do out part in making sure we not only get it right in terms of our selection but that we also continue to work really hard to get it right - which will be up to us (Love ain't no walk in the park). Not because we care about what people think but because when people make those statements, regardless of the reason behind the statement (i.e. jealousy, skepticism, etc.), the truth is they actually do have a point. We must be thinking about the marriage that follows all the excitement. We must focus on what's really important i.e. the marriage ahead but I believe we must also enjoy, soak up, and bask in every aspect of the journey i.e. when the love is fresh and exciting and be ready to work through it when it feels worn and old. And we must continually look within and never stop trying to be better and love better.

Oh, and I also wonder if the couple, in the midst of their excitement ever wonder whether or not their relationship will stand the test of time and not end up a negative statistic. I wonder if they even talk about it or secretly worry that people might not be wishing them well and people might think they don't have it together because they appear to be so happy. Ah well, that's between the couple. (And really why is there a correlation between how happy a couple appears and how worried the public is that their love might not make it. People don't seem to worry much when the couple appears boring and somewhat blah. Hmm) 

Anyways, in essence, I think what's really important guys is that we remain positive at all times - think positive thoughts, say positive things, wish others well, and always remain hopeful remembering that regardless of what people think or say love is what we make it and so the power and responsibility is in our hands!



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