Why Are You Here?

Why are you here? This is a rhetorical question but one we must ask ourselves if we haven't already. Many people are just drifting through life without any
real sense of purpose or direction. They are not really sure why they are here and what they are supposed to be doing so they jump at every and any opportunity and make decisions based on what society says. But that's no way to live the God-ordained life you've been given. Everyone is here for a 
reason - with a purpose and an assignment. I believe that the 20s and maybe even early 30s should be dedicated to figuring out what that reason is. And  that will include experimenting, trying new things, acknowledging your gifts and talents, asking questions, soul-searching and taking personal retreats, 
and doing whatever is necessary to discover (unearth, uncover) the reason why they are here.

But have you guys noticed that many young people spend a lot of time trying to get married in their 20s (nothing wrong with getting married in your 20s but let me explain) - particularly if you are Nigerian. Society tells you that once you graduate from university, the very next thing on the agenda should be 
MARRIAGE. They even make you feel like if you don't get married soon enough, you have failed because marriage is seen as an accomplishment of sorts and it doesn't matter if you have 100 degrees, if you ain't got a man, girl, you ain't got nothing! 

But women need to set themselves free from that "mental slavery" because the truth is that marriage is not an accomplishment and it is not the be all, 
end all. There is so much more to life than finding a spouse and "settling down" ( have you ever wondered why they use the term "settle down"? It almost implies that single people aren't "settled" in life until they get married. Geez louise! But I digress). The truth is contrary to what might be popular belief, if you don't feel settled within yourself, marriage will not "settle" you. If you don't know your purpose, marriage will, in most cases, not help you figure it out. In fact, I dare say, if you don't have your purpose figured out before marriage, marriage might confuse you even more and maybe even make you resentful. Many married people admit that they wish they had waited a little longer before getting married because as some would say, even though they love their spouse and children, the responsibilities of being married and having children have distracted and preoccupied them to the point where they have had to put their own goals and dreams and essentially their purpose on hold.

Now, don't get me wrong, some might say that their purpose in life is to get married and have children and raise exceptional children and nothing more. 
And that is totally fine as long as they have identified that that is their purpose. But the point here is that you owe it to yourself first and your future spouse AND even your children to figure out why you are here so that in fulfilling purpose they become a part of it and not a hindrance to it.

I always say that life is a journey and before you ask anyone to go on the journey with you, you have to know where you are going. Otherwise, it will 
become a case of the blind leading the blind and resentment and discontentment will set it and wreck havoc and then  statements like he/she has changed, etc. will start to creep in. And yes, people will (and must change) in marriage but the question is are they changing in the direction of their purpose because if so, that change is good change.

I believe marriage is beautiful and I also believe that it has its time and place and must be entered into in line with our purpose and the reason for which 
we are here because the person we marry will have a huge impact on how much of our purpose we live out and how many of our dreams and goals we 
achieve. So we have to pick the right person. A person whose presence in our lives will ensure that we walk in purpose and fulfill the reason for which we
are here because the wrong person will not do that. And the only way to pick the right person is by first praying and also knowing why we are here 
because that knowledge will guide are selection process. 

If you are wondering what you can do to figure out your purpose, I would say in addition identifying what you are passionate about and good at, pray and 
ask the Lord to reveal it to you and also pick up a book that is designed to guide you into figuring out your purpose. There are many reputable books out 
there and I can recommend a couple. Send me an email The LoveChest@gmail.com 

I hope you found this article helpful and it has got you thinking about why you are here and what you can do to figure it out so that when you do go ahead 
and get married, it ends up being in line with your purpose and why you are here. Let me know in the comments.


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