Happy Birthday TLC!

I sat down in a café one year ago today to start a blog about love. Before then I was always talking about love so it was time to create a space to do just that and share my thoughts, observations, and conversations. I pondered about what to call it and tried all kinds of names on blogspot but they were taken. Then it hit me, The Love Chest. And that was it. It was apt! A chest full of all things love. I loved it and that day I wrote like five posts. Lol.
Today is The Love Chest’s one year anniversary! And I am grateful to God for the grace and passion to do this. Thanks to all of you who have visited regularly and irregularly (hehe). Thank you for spreading the word and leaving comments. I really appreciate it.
I’ve got a giveaway coming up to celebrate so stay very close to the blog cos ya don’t wanna miss it! It’s a “chest” filled with some goodies. Yay!!
God bless!
Because I love love,


  1. Congrats Ronke!

  2. Wow! Just 1 year? Feels like we've been learning and laughing here much longer than that. Happy birthday TLC.

  3. Congrats TLC! Looking forward to the goodies too! :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS ADERONKE AND TLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!May God enlarge your coast, give you more wisdom and insight into the things of Life and use you mightily for his Glory. The Best is yet to come in JESUS NAME..

  5. CONGRATULATION ADERONKE AND TLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May God enlarge your coast, give you wisdom and greater insight in the things of Life, and use you mightily for His Glory in JESUS NAME...The Best is yet to come.

  6. Your blog is very insightful. Wishing you the best.

  7. Congratulations Ronke & TLC! Many more years!

  8. Congratulations!!! TLC is a blessing to me and as you have watered others, so will the Almighty water you

    Thanks much

  9. Awwww! th Big ONE already!! Happy anniversary TLC and Ronke, Good one with the blog.. I love it... Feel free to check mine out as well :)


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