"...Married for All the Wrong Reasons" Part 2

Let’s pick up from where we left off talking about the “wrong” reasons for getting married.
God-Pleasing Sex a.k.a. Free Sex, Legal Sex: Sex should NEVER be the reason why you marry someone. NEVER. If you are of the school of thought of no sex before marriage and you rush into marriage so you can have sex- sooner than later, well, you would be doing yourself a HUGE injustice. Have you ever wanted something so badly that the desire motivated your actions and you didn’t really give much thought to your actions? You longed for it so desperately and you did all you could to expedite the process of getting it and when you finally got it and ate it,used it, or did to it whatever it was you did with it or to it, all your feelings wore off almost instantly and you realized it wasn’t all that? In some ways you wished you hadn’t rushed the process so you could have enjoyed the “journey” towards having it? Well, I think it’s the same kinda thing here. When you marry someone so you can have all the God-pleasing, free, and legal sex in the world, I don’t think the aftertaste would be that great – if that was your MAIN motivation. You get my point, yeah? I’d like to think there is SO much more to marriage than sex- even though sex plays a significant role. So, getting married to someone primarily because of sex I think should be considered a wrong reason for getting married. I think sex in many ways is the icing on the cake and not necessarily the cake although the cake we are talking about here HAS to have icing. LOL. You get my point :) Moving on….
Being Alone: Being alone is a state of mind. I’d like to believe that there are married people who feel alone in their marriage. Before marriage, I strongly believe it is important to be comfortable by yourself i.e. alone. It is important to enjoy your own company and not have to ALWAYS rely on others for company. We are social beings by nature but solitude has its place as well. If you get married because you are afraid of being alone, chances are marriage will not change that state of mind. You will find that somehow despite the marriage, you still feel “alone” in many ways. I really don’t believe marriage fixes the "alone feeling". I think that is something you must settle as an individual. Plus, I don't think anyone wants to be with someone who requires their presence to feel whole. I’d say getting married for fear of being alone is a wrong reason for getting married.
So, what are your thoughts y’all? Any other “wrong” reasons for getting married?


  1. 1 Corinth 7: 8-9 Sex/Burning Desires is enough reason to get Marry!!!!

    1. But it shouldn't be a MAJOR reason!!!


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