“I’ll Just Say It…I LOVE YOU”

There’s this REALLY nice song by a guy called MOSA called #IllJustSayIt. He’s basically telling the girl that they’ve been friends for a long time and even though he doesn’t want to risk what they have he has to get it off his chest and say how he feels. Then he tells her he loves her! My explanation doesn’t do this song justice!! I love it!
Recently, I was thinking that we could all sometimes use a little "just saying it" time and I figured we could do it here!! You know when you really like someone, sometimes you just wanna tell somebody even if you can't tell them. So, my question is: If you could, what would you tell the person you like right now? Act as if the person was standing in front of you and nothing was holding you back then SAY IT!!! (Leave your responses in the comment section) Get it off your chest and see how you feel afterwards. Hehe.
By the way, here are some responses I got when I asked the question not too long ago:
~ Actually I have 2-part [answer]: I like you and I wanna get to know YOU, not the air around you!
~ That I want him to become a true Christian. Basically no matter how great our connection is, there will always be that fundamental divide
~ I will say [XYZ]… convince me that you don’t need to test drive before buying the car cos no one is getting in this driver’s seat until we say “I do”
~ You’re the most impressionable person I’ve seen ever… A day out with you would bring me the feeling of a lifetime achievement…

So, go ahead! Let it out! Don't be shy, don't be scared! Happy "Just Saying It"! :)

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  1. I'd say, 'I'm not a coward but I'm scared of losing you. My heart beats faster at the thought of spending the rest of my life with you. My world feels incomplete when you're not around'

    She knows this and more :)


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