“He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not”

Men, this one is for you but ladies, y’all know that feeling when you’re just not sure if a guy likes you cos the signals are so unclear. That is one guessing game every girl hates to play (“He likes me, he likes me not”). We usually want a guy to be upfront and clear about his intentions so that everyone is on the same page sooner than later.

Recently, I shared what the guys said they do/say when they like a woman and my thoughts on their responses. Well, to balance things out, I had to ask the ladies what they would like the guys to do/say if they like them. So gentlemen, if you’ve ever struggled with this cos you can’t seem to get through to the lady or if you’ve ever wondered what ladies expect you to do if you like them, let this guide you! Hehe.

To the question, what are the top three (3) things a guy should do to show you he REALLY likes you?, here are some of the responses I got:

~ Make an effort to spend time; call rather than text/bbm/whatsapp; be affectionate.

~ My ideas on that have refined over the years oh. I used to be subtle clues person looking for signs and such…started dating my best friend of many years and it wasn’t until he just came out and said the words that it all made sense. So I say there are 2 things: 1. SAY IT. Directly 2. Let your words match your actions.

~ Call me and hang out with me. That’s pretty much it. And introduce me to his friends. That’ll show that he not only wants me in his life but he wants other people to know it too.

~ Spend quality time with me. Tell me that he really likes me, as in, articulate it from time to time more like reassuring me of [it]. Show it, as in, validate it publicly, not give me a ring or anything like that but relate to me in such a way that he makes everyone know that he likes me and [wants] to be with me.

~ Hmmmmmm…it’s the little things. Those little thoughtful things that seem like nothing to the next person. Example: I’m back from work exhausted to the bone, he shows up at my door with dinner…it’s like he knew I needed food. He goes grocery shopping with me and doesn’t complain [LOL]. He takes my car to the shop (girls hate having to deal with that!) So, yea! My list is unconventional…but frankly, it’s the little things that matter. But let me add this…for someone that’s been out there a while, the dinner, gifts, and trips don’t “trip” me. I can do that by myself. So I’m about the little things cos they matter more now.

~ Always want to see me/spend time with me. Surprise me (stopping by, showing up at something important to me).

~ Hmmm, communicate with me, want to spend time with us and laugh at all my…jokes!

~ 1. If he shows genuine interest in my career goals 2. Keeps to time on date nights 3. Goes out of his way to do something sweet. I’m a goof ball.

Unlike with the guys’ responses, I have no issues with what the ladies said! Lol. They want to be told and they want you to spend time with them if you like them! Simple! That’s not asking for too much and that’s being very clear!

So gentlemen, what say ye? Does this clear things up for you a bit?

Ladies, do you have any more to add to this?


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