What Marriage Does to You

So recently I watched a YouTube video a friend sent to me. It was a seminar for married couples run by a guy and he had some very interesting (and funny AND true) things to say about how different men and women are and what marriage is really about. Not long after watching the video, I came across an article and it was a relatively newly wed's anniversary note to her husband. One thing stuck out to me from the video and the article  and it was the real purpose of marriage.

Movies and fairytales might have sold the notion that marriage is all about "happily ever after" and while I believe that marriage can and should be blissful, I also now understand that if we allow it, marriage is really designed to bring out the best in us. The process of doing that (bringing out the best in us) won't always be easy or pleasant but if we allow it, we could (and should) be better people because we are married. Pause and think about that for a second - we should be better people because we are married...*

What this simply means is that through all the stuff that marriage brings, we should be learning, growing, and becoming better - better listeners, selfless, kind, patient, forgiving, and the list goes on. But unless we see the potential of marriage to bring those qualities out in us, impatience could rob us of the opportunity for growth and personal improvement.

Bottomline, when you get married and your spouse does something that isn't so pleasant (a.k.a. CRAZY), while in the heat of the moment you might not want to see the hidden lesson and opportunity for growth, the point is to remember that that is in fact the purpose of marriage - to break and mold you into to best you you can be. Trust me, this is most certainly easier said than done but I encourage you to give it some thought.

We've all heard that marriage isn't a walk in the park and while it can and should be enjoyed, when it presents issues and challenges in your interactions with your spouse, remember that those are opportunities to grow and become a better person.

What do you think? Married folk, has your marriage helped you grow, changed you, and made you a better person?

*That's not to say you can't be a better person if you're not married but interacting with someone you're committed to everyday has the power to change you and make you better.


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