What Will Happen When You Get Married!

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl really like each other – warts and all. Boy asks girl out. Girl agrees. Boy proposes. Girl agrees. Boy and girl get married and then bam! Boy and girl start to really notice warts that were there all along!

The bottom line is marriage is a magnifier. When you meet someone and start to grow fond of them, it’s easy to ignore their flaws, weird behavior, stuff you don’t really like, etc. because you are enamored by your new found love. But here’s the thing, it is very important to remember that if you decide to take the relationship to the next level i.e. get married, and I know the married folk agree with me, all those flaws, weird behavior, the things you like and dislike about the person will all of a sudden become more pronounced. 

So, if he smacks while he eats, best believe the smacking will somehow become louder when you get married (Lol). If there’s a physical attribute you were not entirely fond of, it will somehow become bigger and more pronounced in marriage. If he picks his nose and somehow when you were dating, it seemed like the cutest thing ever even though you really can’t stand people picking their nose, it will become annoying in marriage. In the same vein, if there is something you really like about him/her, it will become even more endearing to you in marriage (because this isn’t only about the stuff you don’t like).

So, think for a second about all the traits, flaws, weird and wonderful behavior, things you like and dislike about the person you’re dating and then imagine them MAGNIFIED a hundred times over. Now ask yourself if you will be ok with that if you get married to them and have to live with those things day in, day out, when life will sometimes be mundane. That is essentially the moral of the story. It is important to always remember that all those things will only become more pronounced in marriage and as such we must ask ourselves if we can honestly live comfortably with those things (traits, flaws, likes, dislikes, etc.) in their magnified state in marriage. 

Don’t brush over things that bother you. Instead confront them in your mind and when necessary, discuss them with your boyfriend/girlfriend and make sure you are being true to yourself when you decide that you are ok with them bearing in mind that they will only get bigger and more pronounced in marriage.

If you’re married and reading this, what do you say? Please share your thoughts on this. 

Picture courtesy of site.advantagebridal.com 


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