A Real Man

I was the compere at an event a couple of weeks ago called "Marriage: Where Are the Real Men? 3" and I want to share some of the points (yes, I took notes! I ain’t playing. Lol!)

The panel of married men had this to say about who and what a REAL MAN is:

-          He’s not fake
-          He doesn’t have baby mamas
-          He is a man that God is proud of
-          He remembers his spouse
-          He’s a great leader
-          He loves his wife and children
-          He’s a [role] model
-          He meets his wife’s needs and desires
-          He understands the pillars that make up a man
-          He takes up responsibility in his house but also in his community as well
-          He makes decisions and takes responsibility for those decisions
-          He genuinely loves God (and fears Him)

And then I asked them to please share what a real man would look like to a SINGLE WOMAN seeing as their initial responses (listed above) seem to refer to married men. My question was how can a single woman identify a real man if he’s standing in front of her. Here’s what they said:

-          He has a good relationship with his family (Check his relationship with his family)
-          He is responsible (So ask yourself “is he responsible?)
-          He VALUES you, TRUSTS you, LISTENS to you, RESPECTS you,  and ENCOURAGES you (My note: Don’t deceive yourself, you will know whether or not he’s doing any of these things)
-          He wants the relationship to work (My note: !!! Big telltale sign)
-          He’s not selfish
-          He’s not only interested in your physical but also in your well being
-          He asks for feedback (My note: Which means he’s not proud)
-          He buries his ego
-          He can leave his mother and father [and focus on his new family]
-          He is accountable to someone. Run if he fears no one (My note: !!!)
-          He sees his wife as a partner (My note: You can tell if he will from the way he talks to you during the relationship)
-          He takes responsibility but doesn’t dictate
-          He doesn’t just talk and talk and talk about his vision but you can see him actually walking in it
-          When he makes a mistake, he wants to be corrected (My note: !!!)
-          He can be corrected. A dangerous man is one no one can correct
-          God can chasten him
-          You will know him by his fruit – the way he handles others, life, finances, etc.
-          And to figure out if he’s a REAL MAN, you will need DISCERNMENT (My note: So PRAY!)

Since the panel only had men, a lady in the audience asked if married women could also give their perspective on a real man from a MARRIED WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE. Here’s what the married women had to say:

-          It takes discernment to figure him out
-          He loves her more than she loves herself
-          He is generous and puts her FIRST
-          He is protective
-          He is interested in her well-being and plans for herself (My note: !!! If he is not interested in you, don’t bother!)
-          He is considerate and supportive
-          He doesn’t compete with her
-          He allows her to shine
-          He loves her unconditionally
-          He sees his woman as his princess and “worships” the ground she walks on (My note: And you’ll know this by the way he treats you)
-          Don’t chase after a man. A real man will chase after you (My note: !!!)
-          He allows you to be everything. He creates the stage for you
-          He is forgiving (My note: !!!!!! Run ladies if he’s not forgiving and keeps malice with you! Hian.)
-          He is not afraid to say sorry
-          He loves God and is committed to his relationship with God
-          He has a vital connection with God! He hears God’s voice. When others are hustling, he’s soaring because he has information [from God]. Without God, there is no real man!

Ladies, I hope this helps! Men, I hope you are humble enough to take note and aspire to these things.

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P.S. Thank you to Awesome Treasures Foundation for organizing this and having me as part of the event! God bless!


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