10 FAQs About Speed Dating

10 FAQs About Speed Dating on February 27th (Part 1)

Speed Dating is less than a week away and we are super excited!  Registration is ongoing and we are looking forward to hosting some pretty amazing men and women in Lagos to a great, fun evening.

I've been asked some questions about the event so I figured I'd address them in an FAQs. So, here are 10 FAQs about Speed Dating on February 27th.

1. What is Speed Dating and how does it work?

Speed Dating is a fun, relaxed,  and exciting way to meet people of the opposite gender. During the event, every man chats with every woman for 4 minutes and both parties decide if they eant to see the other person agsin by indicating yes/no on their score card. Two yeses means an overall yes (a match) and one or two nos means an overall no (no match). Only the moderator has access to the score cards and wi inform attendees about their matches a few days after the event.

2. What will we tdlk about during each date?

This is entirely up to both participants.  You get 4 minutes to make an impression by simply being yourself.

3. Are you going to put up pictures of me on your website after the event?

Pictures of attendees will be taken but your faces  will NOT be visible in any pictures that might be used online aftee the event. Pictures that might be used will have participants blurred out so don't be worried about that. The pictures are for organizers to document the event.

4. Will there be refreshments?
Yes, there will be drinks and finger foods

5. What do I wear?
The dress code is smart casual so be comfortable and look your best.

6. Will I meet my future husband/wife at the event?

There are no guarantees that you'll meet your future spouse at the event but you will certainly make new friends and exciting connections. Come with an open mind to simply have a great time and you just never know! ­čśë

7. When will I get to see my matches?
The organizers will email you the phone numbers and email addresses of the people you have matched with 2-3 days after the event.

8. Do we get to see profiles of attendees before that day?

No profiles are available before the event. Just come expecting to enjoy yourself and have a great time.

9. Will participants be screened before the event to determine eligibility?

Yes, participants will be screened by the organizers to ensure that the right
people attend the event. As such, the organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to persons not suitable/eligible to attend the event.

10. Must I be single to attend?

Absolutely! This event is for singke people ONLY. And we define single as unattached, not in a relationship,  and not married.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any other questions at all. No question is a dumb question so don't be shy to ask! ­čśŐ

So join us at Speed Dating on Saturday February 27th for an amazing evening of networking.

Click here to register: http://goo.gl/UcV5s5


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