5 Ways to Have An EPIC Valentine's Day!

Here's something for you just in time for Valentine’s!

So as much as I absolutely love love, there's just something about Valentine's that I'm not crazy about. Lemme explain. You see, I think true love, beautiful love is more about "give" than it is about "take". Love that puts the other person first is truly selfless and wonderful. So what is it about Valentine's that kinda gets to me, you ask? Especially since its focus is actually more about giving than taking. Well, it's the motive! Valentine's is so commercialized now that the true essence of showing love seems to be lost. I think it has to be genuine and thoughtful giving in order for it to count. And if you investigate a little further, it seems most men get the lady a gift because they have to, not because they want to and also because they don't wahala (trouble) - they don't want her to get upset and complain so to avoid any drama they give in to the Valentine's craze.

A lot of guys are also confused because they do quite a number of nice things for the lady on a regular so they don't understand why they have to do something on a so called "special" day set aside supposedly to show love. But in the midst of their many questions and confusion,  they give in and typically end up reluctantly buying chocolate, a bouquet of flowers, a teddy, or some combination of the three and they might throw in dinner for good measure.   

Here's the thing gentlemen, even if you feel Valentine's is cliché and played out but for reasons best known to you, you decide to celebrate it, why not just make it EPIC? There's no point going through the motions and doing stuff that even you the gift-giver feels is boring!

So, I want to challenge you to go above and beyond this time and knock her socks off with an EPIC Valentine's celebration. And before you get all worked up thinking I'm referring to you spending loads of money, hear me out.

I'm talking thinking outside the box,  in fact, jumping outside the box!

So here are some of my suggestions on how to take a different approach this Valentine's and make it extra special, memorable, and basically EPIC!

1. Cook a meal. Remember it's about it being epic so I'm saying go all out with this. Pull out all the stops necessary. Make her favorite dish as best as you can but don't stop there, serve it up stylishly - light the candles, print a menu, throw some petals around, dim the light, and serve her like the queen she is. This definitely beats sitting in Lagos traffic that day!

2. Give her a massage. Now, I'm talking a professional massage not the one where you rub her shoulders in an awkward manner that inflicts more pain. Take a class. And since Valentine's Day is this Sunday and you won't have time to take a class (although there is YouTube), give her a post-Valentine massage treat as soon as possible. #thisisforthemarriedfolko

3. Don't do anything on Valentine's Day and then surprise her with a weekend gateaway (in town) the following weekend - complete with a massage (by a Massage Therapist this time), exquisite dinner for two, beauty treatments, and everything you know she'd like. She'll hate you at first when she thinks you forgot to do something for Valentine's Day but she'll love you even more for doing something epic! (Yeah, this will cost you a bit but it'll be worth it)

4. Do something charitable together instead. Suggest to her that instead of the cliché stuff, you want to work with her to spread love on Valentine's Day by giving to the less privileged. Then pick a family, community, or person and together do something to show them love and be a blessing to them. The feeling you'll both get from using your love to spread love will be indescribable and epic!

5. Add something unexpected to the usual mix. For this point, I'll bunch a few of ideas together. Take her to dinner alright but while you're there, present her with a handwritten letter (even spray some cologne on it like back in the day) and in the letter, tell her why you love her and what she means to you. Or create a beautiful video with your phone that features pictures, music, and maybe even a voice over (using your own voice) that tells her how you feel about her even if you been married for many, many years. Or better still, arrange with the restaurant, get a saxophonist to serenade her if you can (pull out all the stops you can think of), and then "embarrass" her in front of complete strangers with a speech about how much you love her and what she means to you (who says only those proposing can do this?)

Remember guys, the whole point here is to shock her. Surprise her and wow her. This is not Valentine's as usual. Make.It.Epic!
So, there you have it! Just in time for Valentine's. My guide on how to make it EPIC.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!


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