Meeting New People This Year - Progress Check!

If you read my previous article about meeting new people this, I hope one or two things resonated with you and you gave them some thought. 

Well, how about we do a progress check to see how we're all doing so far in the "meeting new people" department?

Grab and notepad and let's answer a few questions, shall we:

It's the end of January, how many NEW people did you meet this month? And how and where did you meet them? (The answer better not be 
zero). Did you try to attend as many events as you could that you were invited to? Did you subscribe to sites that share event listings in your city?
Or did you follow Instagram handles that list events? Basically, did you make an effort? Lol. Also, have you clearly identified your values and searched out events that target and speak to your values? Yes? No? 

Did you attend Church more this month? 
Have you identified a department/unit in Church that you can add value to and be part of the team? Have you made a list of your gifts and talents (we all have something) that you can use in Church in service? Remember, gifts and talents go beyond singing and acting. Do you have great organizational skills? Do you have an eye for decor and designing events? Are you very hospitable? The list of things you can do in Church is very long. You can fit in somewhere, so get involved!

How are those chat groups coming along? 
Have you started getting more involved in the ones that really interest you? Or are you still a silent observer? What about Facebook? Have you scrolled through your pending Friend Requests to see who might be worth "accepting"? Have you reached out via DM to say hi to that old friend on Facebook? (Remember ladies, not everyone is trying to toast you and you're only going to marry one person when it comes down to it so if they reach out and they're not creepy, be polite).

What about the idea about planning your own events? 
A house party? A Happy Hour? An outing? Have you given it any thought? Did you organize anything this month - no matter how small? No? Why not? What are you waiting for? The perfect time? Don't let procrastination get a hold of you this year! Shake it off! It doesn't take much to plan your own stuff. Check your calendar, pick a date, and work towards it. Get some friends to help. And remember, the idea is to get each friend to invite at least one person you don't know to the party/meet-up. You gotta be deliberate!

Do you have enough business cards? 
Have you requested for more to be printed? Remember, they will help make the "can I have your number" situations less awkward. Call the printer!! #DONTPROCRASTINATE

Have you examined and worked on your conversation starters for social interactions? 
Did you resist the temptation to ask "what do you do?" as the first thing in the conversation with someone you're meeting for the first time? Are you making an effort to connect more with people through thoughtful conversations. Are you working on being genuinely interested in people?

If you did meet a few people this month - not for "contracts" or business but socially - have you reached out to them since you met them? 
By email, text, or quick phone call? No? Why not? Hmm.

Your answer to all these questions will reveal a lot and help you put things in perspective. Remember, it's what you do differently this year that will all make the difference. Nothing new will happen on its own. To enrich your 
experiences, you are going to have to be deliberate in some way. And remember, this isn't just about finding love, it's also about expanding 
your network.

What one thing are you going to try to do in February? Share with me in the comments below.


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