Married to Single

Married folk have been there, done that and I think it is very important to keep them close. There is A LOT to learn from our married friends. So rather than cut them off and treat them like outcasts, embrace their friendship and keep them as close as you can. Depending on how close you are to them and the depth of the friendship, they will give you a balanced view of what marriage can really be like. Now, every marriage is different but you can take the advice and see how and when it applies when you get married. I asked a few of my married friends for advice for the single folk seeing as they've gone through the process of finding/selecting a spouse. See their responses below.

If you're married, please contribute your 2 cents or kobo as the case may be :)

Advice from the married to single:

~ Know who you are and to thy own self be true - Married 4 years

~ Make sure she's born again and spirit-filled. Everything else is secondary - Married 3 years

~ Expect a few surprises -  Married 4 years

~ Marry someone who is your friend. This normally gets couples through trying times. Laugh a lot, forgive quickly, always give each other a second chance

~ Marry your friend. Someone you can be yourself with. Someone you enjoy talking to. Someone who listens to you and wants to make your vision hers. Don't marry because you think she's the prettiest thing ever but seek the intrinsic beauty that shows forth from within. A pretty face will fade but the beauty in character will endure - Married 4 years

~ My advice, the institution of marriage orginated from God so you need Him in every step of the way, from choosing correctly to living with a man all your life - Married 2 years

~ Marry your friend. Know what your husband likes to eat and learn to make his favorite dishes - Married 3 years

~ My advice will simply be to be prayerful in making a decision and also to make a call with a very clear head. Not just beauty or how well [you] think the prospect might be - Married 3 years

~ Pray, don't be too desperate. Marry a man that loves God. You might not get all the qualities you want in a guy, no one is perfect. Look for a guy that's got [a] bright future and build with him - Married 3 years


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