Are Men REALLY Hunters?

Men, I need your help on this one. So, it seems like indeed y’all don’t like to be “helped” when “chasing” a woman. By the way, I realized from a recent group conversation that many guys don’t like the word “chase”, apparently because it sounds like a lot of work but that’s a conversation for another post. I used to think that helping a guy get a woman’s phone number or giving a guy your number “easily”, without playing hard to get, would make the guy feel like the “chase” was an easy one and perhaps he might lose interest because, you know, guys are hunters and they want to feel like they’ve done the work.

Skip to the 21st Century i.e. this generation and it seems like amongst other things, guys kinda want it easy and in fact, some of them want to be chased! (Lol) Like my friend said, “the hunter has become the hunted” (LOL). Men these days want to be given a woman’s number courtesy of her friend so they can skip the task of asking her for it. They don’t mind women making the first move and offering their phone number. It just seems like they really can’t be bothered doing too much work when it comes to ‘’chasing” a woman. The less work required, the better. Cos in their minds, “who has time for that?!” (WOW)

Well, this is what I thought until recently and in order to make sure that I can match-make without spoiling the chase for either party, please tell me men, what do you guys REALLY prefer?? Do you want to work hard for her phone number and by “work hard”, I simply mean, do you want to get it yourself instead of a well-meaning friend getting it for you OR does any way work for you i.e. you get it yourself, she offers it without you asking, or her friend gives it to you??? What I mean is, would you look at her differently based on how you got her phone number. This might sound like a weird question but trust me, I hear all kinds of things so I MUST ask!

I guess there are STILL traditional guys out there who want to chase a woman the old –school way and there are the new-school guys who, if they had their way would prefer to be chased (Lol). How to tell the difference between both kinds of guys, I don’t know. So, please men, help me out here: If you had to pick one, which would it be?

- Get her phone number/contact info/approach her yourself OR

- Be given her phone number/contact info/be introduced to her by her friend This is in a case where you and the woman have mutual friends.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this!


  1. Personally, I like to ask for the lady's number myself. When you ask her friend for it it's almost like she's obliged to give you the number whether her friend likes you or not. But if you ask for it yourself you can sort of guage if she's interested. And, frankly, when you meet someone and you guys click, you'll probably get to a point in the convo where you'll exchange details naturally and you may not have to say the words "Can I have your number?". Speaking of which, is it even "Can I have your number?" or "Give me your number!" these days? Lol.


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