Do Opposites Really Attract?

So, I was having a conversation with a friend recently about the kind of person he’d like to be with and that conversation really got me thinking. You know how they say “opposites attract”? Well, I’m not sure I agree anymore. Why? Well, cos I think it’s a limiting thought. Lemme give some examples to put it in perspective.

A girl says that because she is in the entertainment industry, she’d prefer to be with and marry a guy who isn’t in the industry. Why? Well, because he will “balance” her i.e. they’ll have different things to talk about and be able to live in their different worlds but still be connected. It sounds like a plan to me. In fact, I tease that I want to marry a sexy nerd (Lol) so that he can complement my media side. But my question, stemming from my conversation with my friend is wouldn’t that be limiting and reducing your options? What if you meet a GREAT guy in the same industry but you have decided in your heart that you’d rather not be with someone in the same industry, don’t you think you would directly or indirectly chase him away?

Or the guy who says he wants to marry a carefree girl who will balance his very academic side and so he’s on the lookout for that kind of girl and unconsciously ignores girls who don’t fit that model.

The truth is sometimes we THINK we know what we want until we are presented with something completely different that challenges our preconceived ideas of what we thought would be ideal for us. When that happens, we need to trust God, remain true to ourselves but be open-minded.

Many of us have believed so strongly that “opposites attract” and so we do everything we know make that a reality in our lives but we must not limit ourselves.

“Free your mind and your heart will follow”! as a song says. Again, it’s about being true to yourself but also being willing to be flexible and let love pleasantly surprise you…

What say ye? Do you still believe that opposites attract? If so, why and in what ways?


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