Highlights from The Love Hub!

Hey you guys!

Lemme just say if you weren’t at The Love Hub, you REALLY missed out! It was absolutely amazing. We had such a great time meeting new people, watching movies, discussing love issues, Speed Dating!!! (We had over 50 people at this one! Whoa!), and playing!  

I want to say thank you LopéSided Works and Whitespace for a great collaboration. You guys rock! I also want to say thank you to Yetty D, the lovely lady who hand-painted the t-shirts for the art exhibition. They were so beautiful! And thank you to Smooth 98.1FM for spreading the word about The Love Hub over the airwaves.

So, without further ado, please check out the photos from this week-long, one-stop hub for all things love!

The Love Hub

Hand-painted t-shirts by Yetty D

The Opening Ceremony

Heyyyy! :) 
 With Yetty D

With Joju

 With Victor 
 With Rume

 With Toks 

 With Julius and Joju

 With Patrick

 With Eric
 Eric, Lala, and Tito

 Yetty D

With Akinkunmi

Dinner and a Movie

 "Ife Wa Gbona"
 "Love Me Jeje"

Soulful Love – A Variety Night
We talked about so much! 

Wana Wana


Speed Dating

Just kidding. No pictures from this! Privacy please ;)

The Love Wall

 Omoye and Donna K



 With Tito (Mrs. Idakula!)
 With Ib!
 Bez in the building!!


The Love Mixer and Game Night

With Lydia


C'mon you guys!

Tolu (LopéSided Works) and Yetty D

Love is not a fight. Mars and Venus must unite!


  1. Lovely album. Very colorful and very well put together.

  2. Great pics (can't believe I didn't notice the hidden cameras...dammit). A slideshow is in order to do real justice to the photos...me thinks

    1. Thanks! (Haha). Yeah, slideshows are nice :)

  3. Lovely! Can I get your email address? Thanks

    1. Thanks! Sure, it's TheLoveChest@gmail.com

  4. Wow! For some reason I came here again! I haven't been on this page in a while....This is amazing,very good work here. I am not exaggerating my excitement,this is very good. I only hope people really open up and make things happen....Bless.....One Love


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