Vibes Are Everything

Ladies, ladies, ladies, remember when I called the guyslike that a while ago? Well, this one is for y’all. From my conversations and observations, I realize that when it comes to being approached, the vibes you “emit” are truly everything. Now sometimes the vibes are intentional, meaning we give off certain vibes to keep certain people away. Other times the vibes are unintentional and due to your mood. And sometimes, your vibes have become your way of life! (Lol),. This is when you always give off a certain vibe no matter what.

What do I mean by vibes? Well, I’m pretty sure you know but just in case, lemme explain in detail: Vibes are basically when your countenance and aura tell people what they can and cannot do as far as approaching you is concerned. Please read this with an open mind because this could very well be the reason why you haven’t been approached by a man in a long time. And if you’re not interested in being approached by a man any time soon, that is TOTALLY fine but if you are, keep reading…

If you guys hear the kind of stuff I’ve been told about the vibes I give, you’d understand better why I really want you to get this. I won’t share though because what they said is, well, personal and I’m working on it. Lol. Y’all can understand that now, can’t ya? ;)

Anyways, here’s the deal, guys have said and some women who are true to themselves have admitted that sometimes they (the women) are not very approachable because they give off vibes that say one of or all of the following:

-          I’m too busy so don’t bother me
-          I don’t need you, so keep it moving
-          I got a man! (Even when they don’t)
-          You’re not my type and you never will be (Even when they aren’t sure about that)
-          I’m content and I’m not looking for a man. (Even though they would like to be with a man)
-          Why are you looking at me like that?
-          I know what I want and it ain’t you?! (LOL)

In some ways, I think the vibes I’m referring to are more than the green light. Vibes have everything to do with your countenance and aura on a regular basis. They are the messages you send with your gait, eye contact (or the lack thereof), handshake, body language, tone of conversation, etc. and all a man can hear and see is you saying  “I’M NOT INTERESTED”. And many times, some women have no idea they are doing this.

Now ladies, you know me, I share this kind of stuff for those of us who are willing to look inward and figure out if there’s something that can and in most cases should change. If that’s you, I’d like to challenge you – ask yourself what kind of vibes you give off. Maybe you haven’t thought about it recently. Think about it. ASK your close, trusted friends what they think about your vibes – if they love you, they’ll tell you the truth.

I remember when I asked some friends some simple questions about myself and my vibes. Let’s just say their responses shocked me but also helped me change for the better.

Remember ladies, vibes are everything. We’ve talked about green light before and while you gotta give a brotha some green light to approach, I think vibes are even stronger than green light but at the end of the day, it goes beyond terminology. Figure out if your vibes have kept people or that one person away and make the necessary changes. You’ll be glad you did.

Some ways to change up your vibe:

-          Be warmer
-          Be more pleasant
-          Be interested – genuinely (If you’re not interested, you’re not interested. But if you are, don’t pretend not to be)
-          Let your hair down more i.e. just relax. Don’t be so uptight.
-          Be yourself. Don’t try to put up a front that you think is necessary.
-          I’ll say it again, relax.

What are your thoughts about vibes? Do you admit that sometimes you give off not so pleasant/positive ones? If so, why do you/why do you think you do?

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  1. I am surprised there are not a truck load of comments here....This is one of your best posts in my opinion....Its the difference between the foreign Woman I've been with and the Nigerians...... Foreigners who just want to be friends make you feel like they want to get married to you... Nigerian Woman who want you,generally give the (vibe) that they " hate " you with all their hearts..... looooool!! Nice one. When its comes to being approachable,this is the big difference. If you want to disarm a Man and know his intentions,shock him with a big welcome, and he'd loose control.


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