Guys Are Like Babies!

We’ve all heard this saying before, right? Guys, are like babies (babies are super cute and such a tremendous blessing), they just need a woman to nurture and care for them – rub their head, back, and/or feet (Eww, so maybe not the feet). Lol. Etcetera, etcetera. But I actually wanna look at it from another angle. This revelation, for lack of a better way to describe it, hit me years ago when I was chatting with this girl who it seemed was trying to tie her boyfriend down in the relationship.
When a woman is pregnant, it’s a mysterious, beautiful, miraculous thing. Fascinates me a lot! After nine months, give or take, it’s time for the baby to come. The doctor gives an estimated date of delivery and everyone waits. But guess what? That baby ain’t coming till the baby is READY to come. No matter how uncomfortable the woman is, that baby will come only when it’s ready. And I think it’s kinda the same with guys.
Have you noticed that some guys will just up and get married out of NO WHERE and everyone wonders where that came from! He just wakes up one day and says “I need to get married”. I think there’s a slight danger in that “rush to get married” scenario but that’s another story. I think it’s very easy to liken guys and their preparation and timing for marriage to giving birth (Lol. Kind of a funny analogy but it works!). So in those nine months (which can be any length of time in reality), they are preparing for that next phase in life (marriage for the guy, coming into this world for the baby). They go through all the developmental stages (getting finances in order, maturity, giving up their “bad boy” ways, etc.) and then they reach a certain age and place in their journey and feel the need for their help meet to continue the journey. Some guys can’t even explain where the sudden urge to get married and settle down comes from but it just hits them and they feel it’s the next step in life. I remember reading/hearing a while ago that with guys it’s not really about the whole “soul mate” thing but rather, when they decide it’s time to get married, they go for the next available sister that meets their requirements!!! Guys, is that true??? Anyways, back to the birthing process. Lol. Now, in all this time i.e. the developmental stage, the guy might have a girlfriend who he digs and what not and perhaps she feels he’s taking his sweet time in moving the relationship forward because he’s not proposing but truth be told, like the baby who isn’t ready to be born, he ain’t ready to get married. Period. And if women catch this, there will probably be fewer heart breaks. I think. Guys, help me out here. I don’t think guys need help knowing when they want to marry a girl (true or false guys?). If he isn’t moving as fast as you think he ought to be, well, perhaps he just isn’t interested in getting married or he’s unsure and needs more time. So I guess it would be up to the lady to decide if she wants to wait around for a potential break up or move on swiftly *sigh* Easier said, I know!
So, what’s the deal? Bottom line, I think guys are like babies that are yet to be born when it comes to getting married. That baby will take its sweet time to come but when it’s READY, ain’t nothing mama can do but endure and push as hard as she can! Lol (once again, funny analogy but you get my point) J
So, guys, am I right?

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  1. Actually my 'I don't know what to call him' let's name him - the guy who wants to have his cake and eat it too,cake for short!Cake is younger than me and has told me this EXACT same(also verbatim they way you wrote it)thing!i'm glad we had the talk - I want to get married - maybe not right now but he's talking some long things!So yes some guys just wake up and decide they want to get married. Soooooo...we're done.c'est Fini. Guess I'll just try and get 'pregnant' again...pun intended!

  2. Females mature faster than males...especially physically & more so with the desire to get married. It is very normal for a female to want to settle down way before her age group of the opposite sex(even older too)want to.

    I like the comparison; but it is only at times that we are babies who do come out when we deem it fit and necessary. Like the Caesarian section; we are at times plucked out of our comfort zones due to claims that a desperate need warranted it. E.g the female wanting to settle down Now, now, now.

    Its a two way thing; if a female needs marriage a.s.a.p & cannot wait for a male to ask or want it too, then she should risk a proposal to the guy(it might just be the right nudge needed), otherwise she should conform to culture's norms and fast & pray till he does ask.

    Interesting analogy...

    Keep it up.

  3. You have hit the nail's head!

  4. For me guys are very much like babies but in a different way. First there are different kind of guys and looks are always deceptive. But like it was said in the movie " Think like a Man". ( Men are like Dogs if you pet them they would be loyal to you for ever) If you pet babies it the

  5. Goodness moi, Aderonke! What an analogy...looool, but it sure jells! How very true. I also like the Caesarian section people are so hilarious. I have had such a laugh.
    I hope more guys comment though...I am looking forward to those.


  6. Hum...

    I agree once a man decides, there ain't no stopping him (I know I'm that way). I'm not entirely sure I get/agree with your analogy...

    Keep the posts coming:-)

  7. I like the analogy, never really thought of it that way before. The only thing with the it is that it makes it seem like women are always ready to get married from the word 'go' and we all know that's not the case all the time. It's a combination of timing and the right circumstances and of course compatibility. I suppose another dimension would be to understand the kind of woman we men picture as our future wives.

    Great post though. In fact as I was reading it, I thought about my post on the 'Male Biological Clock':

  8. You need to read this


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