How to Make Your Man Feel Special

There usually seems to be a lot of emphasis on how to make a woman feel special. But I've been thinking lately about the guys. How can a woman make her man feel like "The G" i.e. special (lol). Yeah, guys don't really express emotion like women but that certainly doesn't mean they don't want to feel special too, right? Right.

Well, to get to the bottom of this, I asked a few men what the woman in their lives would need to do to make them feel special. Some of their responses might shock you and others might give you some ideas. Take a look:

~ Listen and support. Too often women try to solve your problem or even prove their mental prowess when all a man wants to do is vent and be heard. The fixing of the problem (which is usually a correction) can come later... timing is key. 

~ Cook me a fantastic meal, serve with my fav drink, and put on my fav TV show to watch as I eat, while she sits   beside me and waits on me :D 

~ Call me all the time & say she loves me. I am needy like that.

~ Respect. [A] Gift is good, but RESPECT last[s] longer and is reciprocal. 

~ Share jokes.

~ Kinda like what u doin now, asking me how I would like to be treated, so if she genuinely wanted to know what she cud to make me happy wud be awesome in making me feel special.

~ In response to your question - I'll use myself as an example. The biggest thing for me is doing something that shows me you support my dreams. So it can be anything from a recommendation to sending me a useful link to an opportunity. Achieving my dreams (from a career perspective) is high on my to do list cos I put my all in it and only do what I love so if she's half as enthusiastic as I am, I'm sold! Lol. I think its difficult not to feel special when a girl does that for her man. 

Answer is buy me presents :) . Small, big, tiny don't matter. A candy bar says sumthin lol. 

~ I find this a particularly difficult question to consider and answer because I am fairly indifferent to acts to make me feel special. The natural and the ordinary say more. For example, the woman I love just being with me makes me feel special. So, I will have to think about it and get back to you. If I do, it will probably be something very simple. If I don't, it will be because nothing contrived comes to mind. I recognise this is unusual and, luckily for your question, most men will have a different viewpoint and specific ideas tied to the ego. 

~ Look into his eyes with a smile...put one arm around him and rub his back as you do that...look like you really appreciate him....

~ Respect me. Allow me to lead her. Be a listening ear.

There you have it ladies! Talk about very diverse responses (Phew!). Everyone is different so it's really about understanding the person you're with and in some cases, as one guy said, simply asking him how he'd like to be treated and following through. After all, love is more about giving than receiving.

What do y'all think?


  1. ~ Look into his eyes with a smile...put one arm around him and rub his back as you do that...look like you really appreciate him"


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