“Put A Ring On It”!

I went ring shopping with a guy the other day and it was FUN!!! Let me just say, guys, if you are looking for a ring shopping buddy, I’m your go-to girl. Hahahahaha! It was so cool. The guy had his girl’s sister take one of her rings so he could figure out her ring size. That didn’t work though cos it was an adjustable ring and I don’t think he knew what finger she wears it on. Lol.  His babe had shown him the kind of ring she liked, perhaps to hint him and make it easier for him to pick the right ring but when we got there, I began to understand how hard it can be for guys sometimes. Hehe. It was so cute. Dude started selecting really simple rings that looked nothing like the one she had sent him! Guys! And I was like ‘”Dude, that ain’t gon work. Remember the ring she showed you? And the ring her sister gave you? They offer insight into the kind of ring she likes”. Like duh! Lol.

Anyways, we looked at a whole bunch of rings, selected a few that made sense, took pictures of them with his phone so he could go and “meditate" (lol), and got the prices so he can go figure out what to do. Funny thing is he had initially told her that she couldn’t pick her own ring but after the visit to the jeweler, he was having second thoughts and figured perhaps it’s not a bad idea for her to be “involved” in the process since he was having a hard time deciding which one to pick. All in all, I have to say, it was fun man. For you guys who are ready to put a ring on it and need some help, holler! Lol! Just kidding J

Picture courtesy of jamesallen.com


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