Beauty, Brains, But No Beau Part 1

So, what’s really going on y’all? Enough is really enough.There are WAY too many amazing single women out there. They are beautiful, intelligent, Godly, over a certain age ;) and single! I know them so I know what I’m talking about J Now, y’all know that I don’t think being single is bad but I know that when you do want to settle down and you can’t seem to find love, it’s frustrating. I had a poll on the blog recently asking you why you think you’re still single. The options were:
-          I’m too picky
-          I haven’t met the right person
-          I’m unapproachable
-          I’m in the wrong social circles
-          I have no idea!
There are probably more reasons, right? So, if we know the reasons, why isn’t the situation changing? Like seriously. Perhaps we should take them one by one:
I’m Too Picky
Could it be that these women are just wayyyyy too picky? So, no one is tall enough, handsome enough, funny enough, exposed enough, hardworking enough, wealthy enough, posh enough, cute enough, fun enough, smart enough, buff enough, stylish enough, shall I go on? Remember when we talked about Relationship versus Complicated women? Most picky women are Complicated Women. But is being picky a bad thing though? I guess not but being TOO picky is. We all have standards but I guess when standards get out of hand and we start to look for perfection that’s when it becomes an issue. But how does a girl break out of being picky? It’s hard. I think part of the issue is women are afraid. Settling down with someone is a life-altering experience and people want to get it right. So for example, if she meets a pretty decent guy but has to compromise on something she wants that he doesn’t have, she gets scared that perhaps if she compromises she’ll regret it or she’ll meet someone later who has the quality she compromised on. Ladies, do you agree?
I Haven’t Met the Right Person
Is that true though? The other day I was hanging out with some friends and they said “Could it be you’re overlooking someone?” And it’s true. Many times a woman HAS met the “perfect” guy…for her but she just doesn’t realize it. I think that’s partly because we all have this image of a guy who’s going to come from far away, from outside of our social circle to whisk us away but remember most times love is closer than you think!That’s not to say that some people don’t meet and marry people outside their social circles, but I think that’s a really small percentage of people, say like 1%l Lol. I challenge you to make a list of all the guys you know – the ones you know well and the ones you don’t know too well – and begin the “elimination” process. You might be pleasantly surprised. This is not to say that your guy isn’t still out there someone yet to cross paths with you but I am saying that chances are you already know him but you’re not paying attention.

We'll talk about the other options from the poll in a bit but for now, what are your thoughts?


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