Do This Before Your Wedding

Lemme get right to it: I think every couple should plan/organize an event together before they plan their wedding. I’m talking about an event that requires detailed planning, budgeting, inviting people, and all the stuff that goes with planning an event. What sort of event would that be, you ask? Well, it could be anything: a charity event, a birthday dinner/party, a business event, a networking event, any kind of event that requires detailed planning.

I say this because I realize from experience that working with a guy or guys on an event can reveal a lot about a person that you might not have known before. It might not reveal anything that would make you change your mind about the person (and it might) but it will show you a side of the person that you probably haven’t seen and a side that might surprise, shock, excite, or disappoint – a side that you must see before you say “I do”.

I feel like a lot of couples wait for their wedding to plan their first major event together and that might not be a good idea. You might say “Well, Aderonke, we don’t have any reason to plan any event before our wedding” and to that I say find a reason!!! When you get married, you’re gonna be making many decisions together and it won’t always be easy. I think planning an event together gives you “insight” into your partner’s organization, reasoning, and decision-making skills. It also shows you what kind of team player they are. Yeah, you can get some of that insight from other things you do together but trust me, I don’t think anything reveals this stuff more than when you have to work as partners to organize something you know must not flop!

So, before you marry him/her, find a reason to plan an event of any kind – or several events - together. It’ll be a good eye-opener and when it comes time to plan your wedding, there will most likely be fewer surprises!

What say ye? 


  1. Never thought of this, Bt its spot on! Planning an event will definitely reveal a lot. Its a very different bt creative Angle. This confirms...LoveChest is a gift babe

  2. An obvious truth...bigups to TLC

  3. Hmmm...totally agree, never thought of it though....*rubbingpalms* Thank you Aderonke!

  4. Good to know about the events that should be done before planning a wedding. I have given all my wedding planning work to a professional wedding planner who was there for my sister’s wedding at one of wedding venuesand planning to do a bachelorette party soon for all the friends. Want to make the part very enjoyable and fun for everyone.


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