Old School Love!

Oh, bring back the days of old school love. You know, when dudes went above and beyond to express their interest in a woman and make their intentions known. The days when women didn’t have to try and decode if a guy liked them because it was CRYSTAL clear. The days when a man wooed a woman in the true sense of the word. The days when men thrived on shakara* and saw it as a welcomed challenge (LOL).  

I don’t know about y’all ladies, but I do miss that old school kind of love and guys of today don’t do nearly as much as men used to back in the day. Just ask any older man how they wooed women back in the day and you might be shocked. So my question is what has changed and why??? You would actually think that with the advancements made with technology, perhaps men would get more creative in their pursuit but it seems quite the contrary- men seem not to be making too much of an effort. Ok, lemme pause for a second and explain that this is not a bashing session. Men, y’all know I don’t bash but the truth must be told and I simply want to get to the bottom of this. After all, I've asked some guys and many said they're not strong believers in 'The Chase". So, I wanna give y’all an opportunity to explain. Guys, have you changed and given up on the old-school kind of pursuit for one or all of the following reasons?:

a)     You are much more sensitive and not as rugged as men back in the day and don’t want your feelings hurt so you play REALLY safe?
b)    There are so many women to pick from who are easily available without much of a chase so when one starts to do too much shakara, you feel like “ain’t nobody got time for that”? Lol.
c)     You feel like since women are so independent these days, they don’t deserve to be wooed and impressed because after all, they don’t act like they need you?
d)    You tried to impress way too many girls and go treated badly so you really can’t be bothered anymore.
e)     All of the above (Lol)

Yes, we have established that women of nowadays work, make good money, and can generally buy what they want, which quite frankly is a good thing for the guys cos it means she wouldn’t be a liability but an ally. But that shouldn’t stop you from wanting to make her feel extra special. It shouldn’t stop you from wanting to make her feel like you did the work to get her. You would agree with me on that, right?  

Women nowadays are pretty simple. When I asked the ladies how you (men) should show your interest in them, they had two main responses: call on the phone and want to spend time together. That’s certainly NOT a lot to ask but one would expect guys to take it up a notch, make it special, and be creative about it. Some guys know how to do this well but it seems many don’t so I’m looking for an explanation to help the sistas understand better. Remember what I said earlier: Many guys have told me that they are not all for the chase anymore. So I wanna know exactly why.

So men, what’s the deal. What would your answer be between “a and e” above? Why is new-school love so different from old-school love? Please share how you feel about this.

*Playing hard to get.


  1. I still want the old fashion love and the wooing is a BIG aspect of it.
    Nope am not up for shakara, if am interested i am, if i am not i would not let you hang around occupying my time. . .

  2. " The days when a man wooed a woman in the true sense of the word. The days when men thrived on shakara* and saw it as a welcomed challenge (LOL). " ( I have seen at least 100 girls complain about this exactly) They say this is the reason they become very rude because guys don't get the message when they say they are not interested "nicely". So, sensible guys with a good head,take yes for yes and no for know to avoid embarrassment. If the "old school" way was working,most guys would still be using it now,trust me.

    I don't believe in making the "Chase" special. I believe in making her special throughout my whole life. Accept a Man first and see what he's got and not just expect him to kill himself for you when you've not accepted him. He's not really sure you're worth it yet.

    1. Hmmm, how will she know you will make her feel special always if you don't show her during "the chase"? I don't think the man should over do it during the chase but he should certainly try to make it special :)


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