Conversation Starters

I met this guy a while ago, he was funny, not really my type but he certainly made an impression with the way he started a conversation with me. I was leaving a mall and walking to the parking lot. As we passed each other, he gave me that look that guys usually give. You know, the one where they look with a lot of interest but never really make a move. I was used to that look so I didn’t think much of it. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed he did a double take and I was like ‘uh-oh, he might actually make a move’. I kept walking, got into my car and as I got situated, I looked up and there he was by my window! I was shocked cos I didn’t think that “look” would lead to anything. It was one of those days when I wasn’t really in the mood but I obliged. He was a hard one to place at first glance. Like I said, he wasn’t really my type – physically - so, I had to hear him speak to decide. Lol. So I wound down the window and he proceeded to tell me how he was the manager of the car park and they were conducting a survey and as such he needed my number. Anyways, towards the end of his spiel, he couldn’t keep a straight face and I realized he was joking (cheesy but it was the way he said it that was kinda cute). We had a laugh and I thought ‘ok, not bad’. He asked for my business card and gave me his. He turned out to be a lawyer for an oil and gas company! Anyways, I thought to myself that getting to know this dude would be interesting even if we would just be friends. He seemed nice and he was definitely funny. Well, ladies and gentlemen, he hasn’t called! This was probably over a year ago! What a jerk, right? I’ve seen him around town (I know it’s him cos I don’t forget a face). I haven’t approached him and I don’t intend to. I saw his picture on my friend’s BB display picture recently and I was tempted to ask but I refrained. It’s all good though. He wadn’t my type anyways *snaps fingers* LOL! I thought his conversation starter was snazzy though despite how it played out in the long run J
Conversation starters can be quite difficult though. I mean here you are on a date or simply meeting someone for the first time and you have to make small talk. It’s an art if you ask me. Some guys and girls (yours truly included) are pretty good at it and others, well, they try. Lol. I was telling my friend that I wouldn’t mind taking Fink cards with me on a date to fill in any awkward moments. Lol. Would that freak a guy out? Nah, I don’t think so. I think that would be fun!
So, what are some really dry conversation starters you’ve got from a guy or girl? What about some really snazzy ones? Please share and let’s have some fun!


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