I Want to Get Married Because...

Before I even say why I think marriage is a good idea, lemme tell you, I ALWAYS wonder why people get married. Everytime a friend gets married, I'm usually shocked (sometimes more than the couple. Lol). This is usually because I'm thinking "Wow, what a major life decision", "How did she pick him over the rest"? "How did they know they were meant to be"? These are honest questions because marriage is so deep that it makes me wonder what makes a person decide it's time to get married to a particular person. I guess some reasons people get married are:

- It's simply time. It's the next chapter in life.
- Biological clock is ticking. Gotta have 'em babies quick.
- Pressure - on every side. Parents, friends, everyone is asking "When will we do your own o"?
- Financial stability. Money in the bank so need someone to spend it with (yeah, right. Lol!)
- SEX. Waiting to have sex in marriage so need to get married cos hormones be tripping!
- And the list goes on

I think marriage is a beautiful thing. There is something mysterious, deep, magical, intriguing, exciting, thrilling, amazing, and just wonderful about two people finding love in each other and wanting to share that love - exclusively - with one another, forever. I also think it takes a lot of guts to do just that because there are so many unknowns but I don't want to go into all the unknowns. Don't wanna scare you or myself! Lol. I do think it is important not to focus on the unknowns though but to take each day at a time knowing that if you are committed to it, it'll be just fine.

Anyways, when I think about marriage, I think about a lot things. I want to get married because I think it is awesome to have a partner - a companion, best friend, lover, spiritual leader (for the women), confidant, in some cases business partner, and so much more wrapped up in one person. It's awesome to have someone to join your life and very existence with. It's scary, but it's awesome. The process of finding such a person and the journey to the marriage is another story. Lol.

Why do you want to get married?
Why did you get married?
Why do you think people get married?


  1. Nice article Ronke.
    Marriage in itself is a very good thing, but....only when its with the right person.
    It takes a lot of work to make it work from year to year. Work in the sense that marriage is not something you go into and be on auto pilot and expect it to work. It expects to be nurtured over the years.
    Think of a business relationship. Both partners have their ups and downs, and for the sack of the business they put their differences aside and make it work through their ups and downs. Marriage expects the same.

    1. Thank you :) Valuable 2 cents! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well I said "I do" because I was in love and I thought he was (and still is) the most amazing man but by the time I was walking down the aisle two years later I did feel a little swept by the tide of family enthusiasm and wedding planning. My conclusion? The stress of big wedding planning can falter your initial conviction so as soon as you say "I do" run to the registry and invite your spiritual mentor and family to a simple dinner. Voila voila you're happily married!

    1. haha! This is so funny to me, I wonder if it will ever become a trend and instead people make the vow renewal a bigger ceremony. A friend is getting married with a 2-year engagement as well. She says the same thing re: court/registry. That or destination wedding, a very far destination lol.

      Yona, can I ask why your engagement was also 2 years? I'm seeing that more and more. I'm guessing it was because of the big wedding so it takes longer to plan, but please share if you don't mind. :) Thanks!

  3. Marriage, hmmmmn! Something that seems to be an opium these days. Morally it is good to get married which makes sex legit, but is marriage really necesary in the pursuit of happiness? I like the idea of companionship and i also love children..... Those are probably the only thing that will push me into marriage.....as for love, i think it is over rated because in the end, you are the only one that can make yourself happy.

  4. Thanks for sharing guys!

    @Yona: Yeah, simplicity is key especially these days!
    @Christina: I like that! Making the vow renewal bigger than the wedding!


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