"How We Met" Day 2: First Impressions Aren't Always Last!

You know they say "First impression is last impression". Well, when it comes to finding love, that might not always be the case. It's Day 2 of The Love Chest "How We Met" campaign - A collection of love stories to inspire and awaken the possibilities!

Today's stories highlight the fact that first impressions aren't always last!

Here's Fola's story:

So AB and I meeting is an interesting story. I was working as an investment banker and desperately wanted to pursue my dream of setting up a production company. I was in the process of setting up the company and looking for partners when a good friend of mine mentioned his cousin who is a super awesome director, NYFA, works in Bloomberg, blah blah. Super excited I asked for his number, I called him and he sounded snobbish and uninterested. 

After the painful phone call and the agreement to meet up for a meeting, I called his cousin back and said "I can never work with that guy". His cousin tried hard to convince me that it's a front and that he is a great guy...yeah right. 

On the day of the meeting, I went out of courtesy, half expecting anything sensible but it turned out to be a great meeting. We kept in touch, started working on projects, and became great friends. So when he asked me out on a date it was a little weird cause I didn't know he had it in him. 

Long story short, fast forward three years after, we own this amazing production company. That snobbish dude from three years ago turned out to be my husband, my business partner, and best friend. Love him...

~ Fola

Here's P.O.'s story:

It was during the RCCG fast of 2013. I was with a consulting firm at the time and my husband worked with the client I was assigned to. The cafeteria was serviced by Eko Hotel and as tempting as it always was to break my fast early, I avoided it. My husband had seen me on different occasions but I hadn't seen him until after the fast in March when I went for lunch and he walked in with his friends. He had a haircut that made me assume he was a bad guy and so I was not interested. I eventually gave him my BBM pin but refused to give him my number.

I didn't read his BBM messages on purpose until 2 or 3 days later and hardly chatted so he felt he was disturbing me and stopped checking on me. This was about June or so. I realized he wasn't sending me messages anymore on BBM or even calling so I decided to call and I accused him of not being a good friend. Lol. He asked me why and said that I didn't understand what he went through in making the decision to not contact me as much anymore. And we laughed about it.

We still hadn't seen all this while we were just chatting and talking on the phone. For my birthday, he bought me two coffee cups shaped like a camera lens. That's when I realized this guy was for real (I'm a passionate photographer).

We finally went on our first date in October and he tried to take a picture of me (lol) and I refused (he shows me the picture now and I laugh at how I was trying to hide my face). It was the best date. Nothing flashy, just real talk and good food.

By December, I saw that it was worth getting into a relationship with him and that he was serious about us and shared core values with me.

I thank God each day for helping me be spiritually sensitive. I had made it clear from the beginning that there would be no sex before marriage and he said he had no intentions of that. That is key because once you engage in such activities, it can blind you from the beginning.

~ P.O.

The moral of these stories...you really can't judge a book by it's cover so give people a chance and don't be too quick to dismiss someone who just might be your forever love!


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