The Love Chest Presents HOW WE MET - A Love Story Campaign!

On the quest to finding love, many people have discovered that forever kind of love has a way of sneaking up on us when we least expect it.

The Love Chest presents the "How We Met" campaign - a collection of real-life stories of finding love in unusual circumstances and when it was least expected.

The stories will make you smile and hopefully remind you that God writes the best love stories! So sit back, relax, enjoy, and be inspired and encouraged as you wait for your true love, remembering to keep an open mind and an open heart because love might just be right around the corner ;)

We start things off with two stories that highlight the power of UN-FRIEND-ZONING!

You've probably heard the saying "marry your friend" a gazillion times and rolled your eyes each time because when you think about all the 
friends you have of the opposite gender, none of them seems to fit the script of how you believe your love story will play out. So you friend-zone them and keep an eye out for the knight in shining armor who you believe will come from a distant land and sweep you off your feet. Or that beauty you'll bump into on a busy street in your cosmopolitan city and fall in love with instantly. Well, sometimes, it doesn't play out that way. Sometimes, your true love might have been there all along!

Here's Mide's story:

The Hubbs and I became friends while we were in secondary school. SS3 or so. There was no attraction whatsoever, from either side. We swapped seats cos I was ill and needed somewhere warm to sit. Stayed friends since then. We went separate ways after high school but kept in touch through college and NYSC. He says he started looking at me differently in 2012. I was clueless. He asked me to be his girl in 2014; I said "Haba. No now, let's not spoil our friendship". He said, "I'll grow on you". I called back about two weeks later and told him to take me on a date - One of the best calls I ever made! 

~ 'Mide A.

And here's T.I.'s story:

We happened to have known each other as kids because our parents attended the same church. We really didn't have any communication between us, I just knew him as one who attended the same church as I did. At about age 10 my parents left that church and I didn't see him again for many years.

I happened to meet him again at a fun fair organised by the church I was then attending, and I would describe our meeting like.... Ah! I think I know you and stuff. We just greeted and that was it.

A few more years went by before I would see him again. I was on my way out of church and this time we exchanged numbers and then began our relationship.

A thousand messages must have passed between us within two weeks, we got acquainted really fast and shared a lot about each other. I liked him instantly. I'm sure my colleagues must have wondered what had gotten into me as I was always with my phone and giggling.   

I honestly wasn't interested in a relationship at the time because I had just ended one but it so happened we were on a fast in church at that time and I decided before things got too serious to seek God so as not to waste each other's time. 

Well I got the confirmation I needed in my spirit and my husband also wasn't beating about the bush. Within one month of us exchanging numbers he came out clean that I was the one he had been looking for and he wanted no other. He was certain he wanted us to get married and a year from when we started dating we were married.

~ T.I.

The moral of these stories...don't disdain the amazing love possibilities that might be waiting for you on the other side of you un-friend-zoning someone!

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