How We Met Day 3: Business Unusual

I have to say I'm getting a kick out of reading and sharing these stories! I hope you are enjoying them as well. Please let me know in the comments.

It's Day 3 of the How We Met series and today's stories are all about Business Unusual. When business interactions bring you more than you bargained for! ;)

Here's A.O.'s story:

A few times in passing, my sister gisted me about a friend of her boyfriend who had a nice, well run auto shop. She had serviced her car at the location a couple of times and complimented the place. I got rear ended a few months later. My car had gotten rear ended the previous year and I had gotten it fixed in Agindigbi. I had a frustrating experience logistically and their customer service left much to be desired. My car ended up being out of commission for 2 weeks longer than what was committed to. So this time around, I thought checking this guy’s shop out was a good idea. Worst case, if there were any issues, I could whine to my sister’s boyfriend to step in.

I got the mechanic’s phone number and gave him a call to ask him for a quote per my insurance company’s instructions. I took the car in to get evaluated and decided to get it serviced since I was at the auto shop anyways. As I sat in the waiting room, the guy came to check on me periodically to update me and offered me a soft drink and water which I declined. He was so polite and even offered me an unsolicited discount when he was done. I felt his customer service was on point. I told my sister how great his customer service was and how he even offered me drinks. She looked at me and was like “he didn’t do that when I went there o.”

Sure enough as she thought, a few days later, the questions about me started. He remained professional for the duration my car was getting repaired and went the extra mile in fixing up my car….even things I didn’t realize were wrong. Once I had my car back, the ‘drinks meet up’ requests started. After sometime, I yielded to the requests and that was the beginning of an amazing friendship.

~ A.O.

Here's Kiki's story:

My sweet Uche.
I met my husband 18 years ago. I was working part-time with a foundation and was trying to raise funds to buy Christmas gifts for the children. This led me to where he was working. We spoke that day and became best friends by the end of the week. It wasn’t love at first sight and it took us a long while to realize we were meant for each other - 11 years to be precise - but at the end, I married my best friend!

~ Kiki

The moral of these stories? You just never know who you'll meet when you go about your day-to-day business. Get busy, stay busy, walk in your purpose, and in all things and at all times, keep an open mind and don't limit what is possible!


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