"How We Met" Wrap Up: Love At First...

We wrap up the "How We Met" series with these two stories that highlight that sometimes, a love story can start with the good ole love at first...something! (Lol). 

I really hope you enjoyed the series and that the stories truly inspired you and reminded you about what is possible when it comes to finding The One.

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Here's A.O's story:

You’ve heard about “Love at first sight”? Well, mine was “Love at first hear”.
I was home in Lagos on one of those indefinite strike periods that plagued higher institutions in 1996/7 - it was the days of NITEL and a male friend had called my house and left his neighbor’s telephone number for me to return the call. Something I had done a few times in the past but that day when I called I got a different voice – this one was quite different from the heavily-accented voice of the Calabar houseboy who usually answered the calls. This was soft, well-spoken and had a slight English accent. Turns out the son of the house had just returned to Nigeria after living in the UK for 5 years. Kai (laughs) that voice sha! … “Maybe it was the accent or maybe I was just bored…. either way I fell and fell hard!! One conversation led to another and another and before long I was calling not to speak to his neighbor (who was in the same school as I was) but him. We spoke about everything and anything non-stop for one month before we finally met. Till today, I still get teased by my family about how I fell for a ‘English voice’!

~ A.O.

Here's Sola's story: 

My sweetheart and I met at her sister-in-law's wedding reception actually. Her sister-in-law happened to be my good friend's sister. I couldn't believe my eyes when I met her. I thought she was exquisite, sophisticated and poised. We talked about her career and her plans to start a new job in an organization I was very familiar with. I offered to help her along with my "advise and connections". You might say I was staging an opportunity to meet her again and get better acquainted. She agreed and we met for drinks twice in the same weekend. The rest as they say, is history...

~ Sola

The moral of these stories...sometimes love really does start with good ole love at first sight and first impressions so don't fight what you're feeling but ensure that once you acknowledge that the spark is there, you dig deeper to be sure they have the substance to match the spark. Ain't nothing wrong with some butterflies but don't let that alone be the deciding factor.

Thanks for reading this "How We Met" series! I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments about what you garnered from the stories!

A big THANK YOU to all my friends who so graciously sent me their stories. You guys rock! I appreciate it.


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