Recipe for LOVE!

This piece is from a song but I don't know the artist's name. Lol. Here's what she says:

If your relationship just ain't the same no more then here is a recipe that will bring it back for sure:

1. Add a dab of love - a kiss, maybe a hug
2. Tell them "I love you" then they'll say "I love you too"
3. A spoon of something sweet, make their heart skip a beat. And then you gotta add a lot of trust.
4. You must communicate. Talk before it gets too late.

Stay faithful to each other. Let no one else take their place.
Pray for each other like you pray over your plate.
And that's the recipe for LOVE!

I love it! Try it and bon appetit! :)

Here are some more:

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  1. haha i love the egg one its awsome!!



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