From Miss to Mrs.

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually deeper reasons why women want to go from Miss to Mrs. apart from the fairytale wedding. Lol. Seriously though. Yeah, yeah, every girl dreams about the day she walks down the aisle with the man of her dreams in a spectacular ceremony but we all know that what’s more important is what happens after that day.

So I’d like to share some of my thoughts regarding why women seem so eager to go from Miss to Mrs. Maybe this will help the gentlemen understand why it’s such a big deal for us. And by the way, some of the reasons are for the men’s benefit anyways, so they should be happy! (Lol)

- We were created to be a man’s helpmeet/helpmate and we have an innate desire to support a man. The dictionary defines a helpmate as a helper and companion. Pretty simple and straightforward. This is why you’ve probably noticed that when a woman is dating a guy she really likes and who she could see herself with for the long haul, she starts to turn up her nurturing instinct and help him with even the smallest things. Things like cooking, cleaning (YIKES!), etc.  And when she finds that she deeply cares about him and she becomes more and more interested in a lifelong commitment, she starts to show great support for his long term goals. ***Side Note: I believe showing support is something guys look for in a potential spouse and if a guy realizes that a woman isn’t really interested in supporting his goals, she can be as fine as fine can be, he’ll probably walk away.*** So basically, I think one reason why most women want to change their title from Miss to Mrs. is because with it comes to the opportunity to be a committed helpmeet to the man of their dreams – something that, all things being equal, women do very well.

   -  Another reason why women consciously or unconsciously want to go from Miss to Mrs. is because we are incubators. I talked about this in the previous post. We have a natural ability to make things grow and in some ways, I believe this is another reason why men need us (notice the emphasis on the “need”. Lol ). As I mentioned before, women have the God-given ability to take any kind of seed, nurture it, and help it grow. We do that with a man’s seed and give him a baby. We do that with his love and give him love right back, multiplied many times over. This natural ability creates in us a desire to want to be with someone with whom we can nurture and grow all kinds of seeds!  Hehe.

-  By the way, many women also want to go from Miss to Mrs. because they want to have babies! Little, cute munchkins – products of their love for and with the man they love so dearly and who loves them back! This also gives women the opportunity to teach and use their nurturing skills with the next generation.

 -  And yes, last but not least, we are human so we want to be someone’s Mrs. because we also want a companion, similar to the first point but in this case, a companion, not just who we can help but who can help us! *snap fingers* Lol. We also want someone who will be committed to rubbing our backs and feet (lol), kissing our forehead, and basically showing us affection in many ways but, perhaps more importantly, women want someone who will support their dreams as well.

So men, while it is true that almost every woman dreams about her beautiful wedding day, for most, it goes beyond that. The desire to transition from Miss to Mrs. is actually a lot deeper than you might have thought ;) 


  1. "We were created to be a man’s helpmeet/helpmate". Yikes. No, ma'am. I think we were created to be the best versions of ourselves.

    1. Hahahaha. You know the context in which I said it ;) but I hear ya :)


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