This Could Make Your Love Stronger…

Not too long ago, I tweeted/updated my phone status saying “You and the one you love MUST have similar interests” and some people might not have agreed because they didn’t see exactly what I meant by that. I certainly wasn’t saying all your interests must be the same, cos that would be weird (or not) but I WAS saying that a couple must have at least one thing they enjoy doing together (at least one).

Now I didn’t just pull that from thin air. When older people speak, I listen cos they’ve been there, done that. Recently, someone I really admire was talking about the importance of having similar interests with your spouse and how that becomes even more important as you get older and grow together as a couple. Sure, he’s going to love his football and you’re gonna hate that he loves it (lol) and sure she’s gonna love going shopping – a lot – and you’re gonna hate that fellas but aside from all the different things you enjoy doing as individuals, you must have something you both enjoy doing but more importantly, something you enjoy doing together. You might be thinking that couples automatically have that thing they enjoy doing together but that isn’t always the case it seems. It’s really about finding your “our thing” and it’s that thing/those things that you do together that make your bond stronger and bring you closer. It could be anything as long as you both genuinely enjoy it and enjoy it together.

I think this becomes very important to note when you start dating someone. It’s important to observe whether you both enjoy doing something together. This isn’t to say you can’t develop it over time but if you find that you both have drastically different interests and can’t seem to find one thing you both enjoy, you might want to bring it up in conversation or try to find something fast! This is important also because not having something you enjoy doing together could actually create an unpleasant gap between you two over time. Might sound trivial but like I said, when older people speak, I listen. They spoke, I listened, and I’m sharing it with you so “let him who has ears to hear, hear.” :)

Give it some deep thought. If you are with someone now, ask yourself truthfully if you both REALLY enjoy doing something together. Not doing something because one person likes it and the other tags along (sometimes reluctantly) but something you both enjoy thoroughly that perhaps one of you introduced to the other or that you both happened to like when you met. And if you realize you don’t have that “our thing”, be sure to talk about it and figure out a way to get that thing because over time, when you’re married and certain things (*wink, wink*) don’t matter and you have to fall back on your friendship, you’ll be glad you did!


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