Top 10 Places to Find Love...Right Now! (Part 1)

Now of course y’all know, though you might not believe, that there are hundreds of places to find love but I wanted to offer my suggestions on a few places you might not have considered just yet. Perhaps you haven’t considered them because you’re afraid of the possibilities, they seem outrageous and unconventional (oh my, what-would-people-say type places), or you just hadn’t even thought about them. Whatever the case, perhaps this will encourage you and get your love-finding antennas tuned to find love at last! Hehe. Read on…

1. Your Past: So, maybe you haven’t reached back in time to see if love can be found in someone you grew up with. Well, now is the time to consider doing just that. Maybe you have but you haven’t done anything about it. I say try it. Take inventory of your old friends - the ones you are currently in touch with or that you can (hopefully) reconnect with. You might be pleasantly surprised that what you are currently looking for (which might have changed over the years cos you’re older and wiser now) might just be found in an old friend. And please, don’t gimme that “But I just don’t see him/her like that”. Love has an amazing way of surprising us so just take the inventory and see what happens. If they live around you, reach out and take them out for a drink. If you haven’t spoken with them in a while, send an email and reopen the lines of communication. You just never know…

2. Your Church: Uh, huh, Church. Some people find it weird finding love in Church but hey, you gotta be open. Now a guy might not just walk up to a woman after service and ask for her number (although that does happen on rare occasions) cos that might be a little too direct but if you get involved in serving in Church, it opens you open to meeting and actually getting to know people, which makes it easier to approach or be approached. So, get involved! The good thing about getting involved is that Church is a great community to be part of and when you’re involved, it’s a win on all fronts – you serve in the House of God, you meet new people and get connected, you feel like you’re part of a large family, AND…you just might get a spouse thrown in! Lol.

3. In Traffic: Yup, I said it, in TRAFFIC (just in case you thought I mistyped. Lol). I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous and random but think about the amazing story you can tell your grand kids: “We were both sitting in crazy Lagos traffic, in our separate cars, daddy glanced over and smiled, I smiled back and the rest is history!” Lol. Ok, aside from the story, this is really about taking the lid off your limiting ideas and thoughts about where you SHOULD find love. Some people have passed up great people because the meeting point/place was too awkward to be true. Open your mind and be adventurous! So think traffic, grocery store aisle, parking lots, gas (petrol) station, etc. Let your mind run wild and see what happens and the next time someone approaches you in a random place or you want to approach someone, don’t let your thoughts stop you! Go for it and have fun! P.S. Use your gut on this one in particular so you don’t have to deal with a creep.

4. Networking Events (Official and Non-Official): Ok, so the official ones would be industry and professional events and the non-official include house parties, happy hours, game nights, etc. and if you can’t find any, host your own! The main point here is when you are invited to such events, go! Now, y’all know I’m not all about chasing love down like a desperado but the good thing about these kinds of events is you win all around (and if you haven’t noticed, I’m all about winning all around) because you open yourself up to new people and experiences and you just might find love in the process.

5. Online: Yup, this is another random one but what if a friend of a friend, who you haven't met in person, added you on Facebook and they strike a conversation? Would you talk yourself out of giving them a chance because, “Oh my, how could you possibly find love on Facebook???!!!”. Well, people have found love on Facebook so it’s really not so random. And in the case of a friend of a friend, at least you have a reference point. What about LinkedIn and other such platforms? Don’t be shy, don’t be scared! (Lol) Just open yourself up to the possibilities. And ladies don’t be shy about adding a friend of a friend and striking conversation either. Even if nothing comes out of it, you hopefully make a friend and ain’t nothing wrong with that!

A lot of times we have subconsciously forbidden ourselves from finding love in certain places but you gotta break out of the box and let love do its thing!

I feel the need to say, if you just skimmed through this, please go back and read it again and open up your heart to it. You just might be glad you did :)

What say ye? Stay tuned for Part 2 and let me know some interesting places where you have found love.


  1. I would say, where you are at every time, be open, be simple, live fully. . .Love is always around.

  2. Yup, love has a way of sneaking up on us! Cheers :)


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