8 Things You Need to Know About Women

Men, this one is for you. I shared something similar from the ladies a while ago and as you also saw on the most recent episode of The Love Chest TV, there are a bunch of things that men need to know about women.

So, I want to take it a step further and share eight (8) things I think you should know about women right now. This is to help the guys out there who might be confused about what their woman wants or why she does what she does. We want you to love us as best you can but I believe you can only do so if you understand us. So, if you are already in a relationship or hope to be in one someday, men, hopefully, this will help. Ladies, feel free to add to the list and let’s help the brothas out!

Here are 8 things I think you need to know about women:

1.     We don’t always say what we want. Yup, we don’t say it in plain English (or whatever language we speak). I’m actually not sure why we are like this but that’s just that way we (most of us) are. So when you ask a woman what’s wrong when she’s upset, for example, and says “nothing”, “don’t worry”, or something between those two, that’s simply because she expects you to somehow figure it out without asking too many questions. Unfair? Sometimes (Lol) but if you know we are like that, then you can find ways to work around it. Also, we don’t always say directly if we need/want something. We expect that you would pick it up in conversations and in passing comments so when we get upset that you didn’t do/say something we expected you to, always remember this point. “Practice makes perfect”, they say so, with practice and getting to know her better, hopefully, you’ll figure her out or just accept her as she is!

2.     Even we don’t understand PMS so bear with us. That’s right! Even we don’t understand what’s happening in our bodies during PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome). But one thing you need to know is we generally don’t feel too great when it’s happening so you shouldn’t take it personally. During PMS, some of us cry and have no idea why we’re crying. Other times, we are just irritated and can’t explain why. The list of things that happen during PMS is long, so men, please bear with us. In fact, love us more when this is happening. Sometimes, we don’t even know it has started so we can’t explain to you why we feel the way we do. I have a suggestion. Do yourselves a favor men, and look up PMS on the internet. Read up as much as you can about it. Trust me, you will love and respect your woman more for it and you’ll realize she’s not crazy!

3.     We love compliments, so be generous with them. Just make sure they are honest cos we can tell when they’re not. Also, please take note i.e. pay attention when we’ve made changes – changes to our hair, wardrobe, weight, etc. and compliment us about it. We always appreciate that. Thanks! (Lol)

4.     We love it when you do something thoughtful on a regular basis and we also love romantic gestures more than you can probably understand! Essentially, we like it when you make it a habit to do thoughtful and/or romantic things for us. And in case you’re wondering, thoughtful means we didn’t have to ask, but through conversation, observation, or just pure care, you figured we’d like something so you did it or got it for us. Kinda relates to paying attention. It makes us feel like we are important to you and that you love us and care about us.

5.     We actually like PDA (Public Display of Affection). We sure do! At least most of us do. So, please feel free to hold our hand, kiss our forehead, hold our waist, etc. – IN PUBLIC. Lol. We love it and for some women (who really care about making it clear that you are theirs) it helps them mark territory! If you don’t know what a woman means by marking territory, ask somebody! Lol! And if you’re not the PDA-kind- of-guy, practice and sooner or later, you’ll get used to it.

6.     We LOVE hugs. Yeah, I didn’t include this with PDA cos it’s different. We like those full body hugs where you figuratively envelope us with your being. It makes us feel secure and safe with you. It also relieves tension (this is even proven by research). This is why sometimes when a woman is venting or stressed out, she doesn’t need you to solve the problem. She just needs you to listen and if you follow that with a juicy hug, you’ve hit a home run and earned major brownie points. This is also why sometimes you hear a woman say “I need a hug”. It works wonders for us so don’t skimp on them!

7.     We are incubators. One of my favorite people says this a lot – that women are incubators! Basically, if you give us love, we take it, nurture it, incubate it, and give it right back to you – multiplied many times over. So, if you give us stress, we do the same with it! Lol. That’s how we were created. That’s what we do with your seed – we take it, incubate it, and give you a baby. So men, give your woman what you want. You’ll be so much happier for it.

8.     We really want to look up to you and admire you, so give us reasons to. Every woman wants a man she can admire and look up to. We have an innate desire to support the man we’re with so please be diligent about your work. We will support you but just need to know and see that you are diligent especially when we are diligent too.

Guys, I’m sure you would agree that all these things aren’t too much to ask. Love is more about giving than receiving and when you understand your woman and do all you can to love her as best you can, she will only give you love in return. There are no losers here!


  1. love love love loooove PDA and hugs :)

  2. Hi there Aderonke, luvli name by the way. I have no major problem with pms and infact think too much blame is placed on it.
    Let's agree here and now that its contribution to our ladies' idiosyncrasies is rather exaggerated.
    Now regarding the vague responses when something is amiss, calling that unfair is putting it way too mildly, it's treacherous. The difference between a human and God's other creatures is that we can and should talk. If a child doesn't start speaking by a certain age we begin to worry don't we?
    Bad communication remains a principal suffocating agent in relationships. In the military era, the success or failure of a coup d'Etat directly depended on whether or not the communication network was cut off! There's hardly any need to celebrate as it were, our 'sisters' inability (or convenient refusal) to express themselves. I wonder how beneficial it has been for either party over the years.

    Love is our duty to our darling wives whether or not they obey us, yes, it ought to be unconditional. However, which would you prefer? The person who makes it easier for you to do your duty or the one who believes it must be made clumsy for you? Life is short, have a blessed day Aderonke.


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