Asking A Guy Out...

Asa sings "Will you be my man and I will be your woman everyday". If you ask me, she is straight up asking dude out! Lol. Is that a bad thing though? I mean, most women are still very traditional and as far as I know, guys are HUNTERS. That's they way they are wired. They want to experience the chase and "catch" their woman. But it seems these days that some women are taking matters into their own hands and as one of my dear friends says "The hunter has become the hunted"! LOL.

I believe very strongly in the HUNTER theory. I believe that men live for the chase. There's something about knowing you did all you could to woo and win her over and you did! There must be something very rewarding about that, right guys? It's kinda like the guys who said they didn't need help finding love and so they didn't see the need to attend the Speed Dating event. So, I worry about this 21st Century movement of women asking guys out. I truly think (and guys please correct me if I'm wrong) that a guy will think less of a woman that asks him out cos he didn't do any work to get her. There's a difference between giving a guy the green light and actually asking him out. But what is that difference? Guys, please tell us the truth, should we just stick to our traditional roles and let men continue the chase? If a woman asks you for your phone number, calls you, and invites you out for a drink, how would you feel about that? Is that giving the green light or too much light? Lol!

Ladies, what do you think? Can you ask a guy out? Have you asked a guy out?

P.S: The picure is a bit overboard (no pun intended) but you get the point. LOL!


  1. Lol. I actually won't mind and 'no' I won't think less of her. If I like her as much as she likes me then 'let's roll!' Although it might be a bit weird if I don't see her that way cos then she'll look really desperate. So it's a risk. She can guarantees though.

  2. i wouldn't mind if i was not already taken. It would not make me think less of her but if her asking me out makes her to wear the pants in the relationship, then its goodbye to bad riddance. You know how it is, u walk to a girl and ask her out but she preens and forms not interested until if u really like her, or she likes u, then u start something.

    True, men are wired to chase but not in all cases. If she is too forward then there might be a rejection by the guy but if she plays the subtle card, then she might succeed. I once had a female friend who taught me some of the things to watch out for if a female is interested in a guy..

    Then few days, she starts using them on me... So she only taught me so that i would know she was interested.. Pity it could not have worked out as i have a firm unbreakable rule about dating my friends' sisters...

  3. I don't think it matters if a lady asks a guy out.

  4. So many women who haven't commented here say they've asked a guy out or could ask a guy out. I am so surprised you guys! I had no idea women were that brave!

  5. Are u not that brave? loool

  6. Hmmmm, I say when the men are talking, listen!

  7. Finally, I get to say this...
    I've had 3 experiences to this effect. The first one, a classmate in my first year asked me out and I thought she was joking. I made a sarcastic remark and she hated me for the first 2 years in school. We became friends afterwards.
    The next one i knew was serious, but she wasn't the kind of person i would date.
    When the 3rd one came along, i felt God was trying to teach me something so I conceded. For the whole of that relationship, there were loads of times when she felt I was taking her for granted in perfectly normal situations. She suddenly became plagued by a complex created by that action.
    I think if you plan to ask a guy out, you should be sure that u have muscle to get over that humble action. Not every issue you go through has to be tied down to the beginning.


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