A Woman's List Over Time...

This is just for laughs.

A woman's list of requirements by age (In order of preference):

Early 20s
Tall, dark, handsome, rich, "bad boy"

30s and over
God-fearing, well-to-do, ok-looking, light or darked-skinned, any height

Hehehe. Ok, ladies, do you agree?

On a serious note though, the older women get the more things seem to change, right? I think women come into their own with age and that affects what they look for in a man. I always say "you have to know where you're going on your life's journey before you ask someone to come with you" and I think you figure out where you're going with time. When you figure out where you're going, your requirements are centered around who you've become and where you're going? When a woman is much younger she thinks she needs a certain kind of man but when she gets older and is still not married, she realizes that based on her purpose and what she has discovered about herself over time, she wants a different kind of man. That's why with age, more women start to look for character before looks and seem more concerned about the things that will last. This is actually from my observations.

So ladies, what do you think? Does age affect what you look for in a man? If you're in your 30s and above , has your list changed over time?


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