Is It Ok to Date Your Friend's "Ex" Part 2

Ok, so there really is a part 2 to this and lemme tell you why. With all the unspoken rules that we (especially women) make regarding who can date who, who should date who, etc., there is a CRAZY rule that kinda goes like this: Even if I didn't date the guy but I like him or he chatted me up and I refused him, you STILL can't date him. Period. SAY WHAT??? (In which case he isn't really the person's ex) This rule is mostly found among women. So, for example, if a woman was "toasted" a.k.a chased a.k.a chatted up by a guy and she didn't date him cos she realized she didn't like him, her friends are NOT allowed to date him. Another example is if a woman likes a guy but he didn't chase her cos he wasn't interested in her like THAT and he went after her friend, her friend is NOT allowed to date him.

This stuff really happens and it makes you wonder, right? Especially in the crazy situation where the women who is not "allowing" her friend to date the guy has either moved on to date someone else or even crazier, is married!

Are we hindering ourselves from finding love with all these rules? Do these rules carry some weight? Are there justifiable reasons for these rules?


  1. ..."Another example is if a woman likes a guy but he didn't chase her cos he wasn't interested in her like THAT and he went after her friend, her friend is NOT allowed to date him."

    This one is just plain silly. The truth is no good, right-headed, serious-minded guy would really want that kind of lady, anyway, at the end of the day! - the kinda lady with a mindset that would base her life and future on this type of rule. So by the time she (and her friends) grow up in their thinking, the cliched "all the good guys are taken" phenomenon would have truly set in.

    1. LOL! I hear you man! Nicely said. Lol @ the "All the good guys are taken" phenomenon.

  2. Fantastic reply Mr. Anonymous,

    I've also had that happen to me and I find it ludicrous. You complain that there are no good guys, you finally find one and then you convince yourself that you can't date him because of your friend. Lol, please, let's call a spade a spade: if you reverse the roles in the situation, that same FRIEND would not hesitate to snap up that guy. Please, this is Lagos and people don't like to carry last; the babe should continue dulling herself. Ahahaha

  3. Hmmm. Sounds Well, these rules sound plain silly right until u get urself involved in one of these situations..All claws out and about!!!
    Please find u( miss friend looking to get toasted by ur friend's toaster) another man oh!!! Am sure there are a million and one guys out there besides ur friend's toasters, just saying!!!

  4. It happens to the male folk as well!

    I had this friend (lets call him Mr. A) abroad that we both had strong feelings for each other at some point. He however mentioned one day that the reason he had not opened up to ask me out was because his best friend (Mr. B)(who is a very good friend of mine, introduced Mr. A to me and is happily married)used to like me and they have an unspoken rule not to date anyone that one party must have liked or dated at some point!
    Of course i felt really bad and i think i cried my eyes out...
    Mr. A and I remained good friends and still declared our feelings for each other until a certain Prince Charming came and swept me off my feet.

    end of story

  5. it is not right dating someone your friend has dated for years weeks or months
    that is my opnion
    it like marrying d man your friend divorced
    it is wrong wrong wrong
    now which part are u peeps saying is right?
    i wont date a guy my friend has been with>shikena


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