What Makes a Man or Woman Attractive?

Remember when (this is to the ladies) we used to say Denzel Washington wasn't fine but he was attractive. Lol. You know what I mean? There was something about him that we thought made him...different in an attractive way. There was that je ne sais quoi thing about him. At least from a physical perspective.

I'm here again at my favorite ice cream spot and I met two very interesting guys tonight. They overheard someone ask me how work was and since the person mentioned where I work, one of them came over to talk and then later they both joined me and we had an interesting conversation about Nigeria and men and women. One of them said something that I thought was interesting. He said something to the effect of women can have beautiful features but there's something (again I guess it's that je ne sais quoi thing) that makes them ATTRACTIVE!

When you meet people, after you've determined if there is physical attraction, what else do you look for? Have you ever met someone you thought was super attractive, you immediately envision your wedding day, kids, etc. with this person, and then he/she opens their mouth to speak and their "fineness" goes out the window? LOL.

So, what makes a man or woman attractive to you?


  1. After she's passed the physical attaction, LOL, I'd say it's her perspective on life and the way she reasons, it has to resonate with my own perspective or challenge it in a healthy way...


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