Is It Ok to Date Your Friend’s Ex? Part 1

So, we’ve got the poll running but I would like for us to discuss it here. What do you guys REALLY think? Is it fair to say that your friend shouldn’t date your ex when you have moved on (sometimes moved on as far as marriage)? Or are you asking your friend why it has to be that particular person when there are so many fish in the sea? Who sets these unspoken rules anyways? Are we making things more complicated than necessary? Does it depend on how serious the relationship was? What’s the deal y’all?

Meanwhile, on Twitter today, I got a handful of responses to this. I even got one from GAYLE KING!!! Gayle King answered my question! Here’s what she said:

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  1. Nothing wrong with it if it is done in good faith. Far too many people have missed their God-appointed partners by following some 'friend-made' rules, rather than following their hearts; even when they see and know that the love they are walking away from and glancing over their shoulder at could be, just could be, the real thing...that the they have been looking for, longing for and praying for all their emotional lives...

  2. Hell no!!!!! No need to go there! tell them sis

  3. There is nothing wrong in dating your friend's ex. he/she might be perfect for you. the bible says that the tradition of man has made the word of God non effect. Rather than stick to the tradition pls move on.

  4. This Man Code thing really sucks and I think that you should follow your heart with whoever you're attracted to no matter what! you never know what it could lead to. They may be "The one that got away"!!! I'm still friends with my X and I Know that his friend was interested in me because of the way we were when we all hung out. My X even told me how he thinks I'm so amazing and the feeling is mutal. Gail King has commented about...both parties don't agree or one doesn't want to cross boundries. WHY? Arghhhhhhh.

  5. There's a reason he's an ex, so first of all, why are you still hung up??? And to the friend who wants him, be careful what you're getting into. Truth is, there are no hard and fast rules, only wisdom. If it is really love you found, but did not seek, between us and your friend's ex, then approach it slowly and cautious, with consideration for your friend's feelings. And if you are the friend who's ex now finds your friend more interesting than you, your real concern should be about your friend's feelings and safety. Try not to be emotional, if he was a bad guy, let her know the truth, but don't try to come between them with stories and lies. If he didn't want you, don't withhold happiness from your friend, because you too want that kind of happiness, when someone wants you just as you are! If you've found that kind of love, it is only foolishness and childishness to withhold it from someone you call a friend. The truth is, even if he was a dog to you, he can be a prince to her. Your prince will find you and you will never desire any former dog or would be prince! So follow love and wisdom, and drop childishness!


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